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This is the place JGB rambles and rants about the CoOl things that go on around the web. Also you'll discover some info about the Webmaster [me]
You will kindly notice that I am using the Verdana font [easy to read] and if you don't have it GET IT [80.2KB] Want to know how old the webmaster is? Well here's a hint... how many dots are on the title?

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What's New [recent new downloads & site upgrades] top [ history of site updates - if you want to know ]
[ 03.10.00 ]
4 files - Wacky Games
2 files - Missing Others
6 files - Clever Pranks
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Nearly 200 FILES...
[ 01.10.00 ] HOT SITE
Visit NeoPets and get your own free Pet. This is great fun so take a look. Fun for all ages.

[ 30.09.00 ]
UPDATED - JGB Cool Stuff, with quick top navigation & menu
NEW 4 files - Wacky Games ( incl. 2 new knockin' levels made by JGB - found in wacky Games section )
2 files - Screen Mates
NEW 1 file - Clever Pranks

[ 28.09.00 ]
1 file - Audio & Visual ( plus one link )
2 files - Wacky Games
NEW 6 files - Screen Mates
4 files - Missing Others

[ 26.09.00 ]
Post a SPLAT (message) in our brand spankin' JunkGetsBigger FORUM
Tell JGB what you think, want, need...
NEW 13 files - Wacky Games ( now 2 pages of Twisted & Wacky games )
NEW JGB Cool Stuff Page

Useful Utlities [shareware/freeware] (all links open in a new page so you don't have to leave JGB ) top
Winzip - zip it [shareware]
GetRight - continue downloading where you left off [shareware]
Gator - it remembers so you don't have to.
Earn b100 for downloading Gator here [freeware]
WinRar - pack & unpack *.rar files and more [shareware]
Comet Cursor - surf with style [freeware]
Acrobat Reader - it's the new way to read the web [freeware]
Macromedia - get the shockwave and flash plugins [freeware]
WinAmp - a great free mp3 player with cool skins [freeware]
ICQ - popular instant messaging program which is free and has many [freeware]
WS_FTP - file transfer protocol. Make it easy to upload & download files. [freeware]
Animagic GIF Animator - a simple GIF animator. Make your own animated graphics. [shareware]
SuperGIF, GIFmation - simple & effective programs which reduce the size of GIFs. [shareware]
Web Ferret - a great tool which searches the web with multiple search engines. [freeware]
BitMagic - a nifty device that downloads daily to your desktop a variety of games, cartoons, wallpapers & more

Site History & Awards top
Well, who really cares? Hehe... if you really want to know CLICK HERE [takes you to v1.0]

Useful Sites
Gets your HOT mp3's here, updated & no broken links [international]
BeenzBoard -
for all your beenz needs and information (great forum) [international]
JunkGetsBigger Forum - great place (if not isolated and rather empty) to splat your ideas, criticisms & comments [international]
Hotmail -
Best FREE [email protected] on the net [international]
BlueSkyFrog -
send SMS and e-mail over the net. It's through a points system. [Australians?]
Geocities -
ofcourse (15MB of free homepages) [international]
Goconnect -
free unlimited internet access. Ads pop up in a small moveable screen periodically. [Australians]
FreeOnline -
Another free internet service. Limited 'surfing' for some sites but unlimited surfing for 'freeOnline' sites. [Australians]
Yahoo -
free email, a great search engine + more. [international]
Beenz -
collect them and spend, spend, spend. It's all free & fun. [international]
EVoucher -
great place to redeem your beenz for gift vouchers, places such as Toys 'R' us & Timezone. [Australians]

Fun Sites (must visit these gems) top
Shockwave - the fun & cool | FREE download shockmachine and save the games & music |
JoeCartoon - funniest & weirdest Flash animations around. You know joe, home of Frog bender &
Microwave Gerbil
Amused - many wacky things to play with here, plus links to other funny sites.
OhYesYouAre - Multitude of jokes and the daily funny file.
Humorlinks - Please VOTE 10 for JunkGetsBigger at Humorlinks -an archive with the best humor sites
You think your site belongs here? Please link to us and then Add Your Site

Link me I link you HERE (great sites) top

See silly sites at sillyhumor.
Great site with heaps of funny files. Only bad thing is doesn't have the download sizes but it's still very amusing!
Get those Condom Cards
Humorus adult greeting cards, just send and say hello.
Get your own free Neopet ( They're as cute as can be & lots of fun )
Hypermind - Great Downloads
Excellent downloads site with many sections, including the famed Adult files, so if you want something fun & naughty check this out. NOTICE - Hypermind has closed down (too much traffic)
Nice page with quite a few funny downloads and pictures ( Hopefully forever expanding )
A site about a game called "Elastomania" it's motorbike game and you can download it here and send your best track times and send your own made level and much more
Best Fonts Site
Ever wanted free fonts with no hassle? Take a look at this great site and get 1001 FREE FONTS
??? Humor or download sites only ??? Please link to us ( see below )

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