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If you have ever been curious about joing up to programs like these why don't you try one that JGB already has, we're still alive and have an extra few dollars in our pockets.

Earn money to surf the net, this is the most stable viewbar I've come across.
A small viewbar that resides on your screen (wherever you put it). Here in Australia they pay $0.75 per hour and that makes $18.75 total a month without referals! In my last check I recieved $32.93 (so they do pay, unlike some). They put privacy first and if you are ever curious about how this 'free money' concept works just join and find out. Please use my referal no. LVD 312, thanks very much and I really appreciate it, you'll know what it's like when someone joins up under you too! NB Joining under me does not make you earn less money, rather it shows your kindness to share.
Earn from $20 - $100 an hour...
Bepaid promises that you can earn from $20-$100US an hour for viewing adds that pop up on their creatively named advision program. Since they don't pay money to us here in Australia opt for the beenz option, which mean you get paid in BEENZ. Sign up now and download the advision bar to start earning beenz/money. NB Please use my referal ID 11017309, once again just like alladvantage it doesn't decrease your ability to make the money. Thanks for your help, once again.
Earn Beenz, the Nets new currency
Don't forget about beenz. JGB has earnt b10 000 and you can too.
Click and Earn Trocas
Daily 5 trocas are given away to everyone who visits their site and answers a simple poll. Also you can collect 100s of trocas monthly by just visiting sites even if only for a second). Taking surveys and refering friends is another way to earn this internet currency. Please use [email protected] as the referal email if you sign up.
Free Referals, You do nothing!
Please use my referal ID to join this program : funware9 Everyone who joins under me will also have the referals that funware9 referals refered... Confused? well just join, more free referals for bepaid and alladvantage without lifting a finger. Thanks very much to all of you who have joined up with these programs and being nice for supporting the Junk Gets Bigger.
Email us: [email protected] or the old email addy [email protected] if you have any queries.


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