Rodeo Queen

This bright green lambskin dress was worn when Ashley won
Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2006.

The skirt has a circular band starting just above the knee.
The top is very fitted, with a princess neckline and long fringe down the back of the sleeves.
Three thousand plus crystals (erinite and emerald Swarovski AB crystals)
embellish the neckline, bodice, skirt, sleeves and fringe of this show stopper!
Leather from D'Anton.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"

Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2003

Lime green lambskin dress was made for
Miss Rodeo NE 2002 to wear for the
Miss Rodeo America Pageant Coronation.
It was then purchased by Miss Rodeo NE 2003
to wear for the get-acquainted party at
Miss Rodeo America the next year.

The dress has a triangle shaped neckline, long
fringe on the back of the entire sleeve and also on the
asymetrical hem (not visible in this picture). The beading
is done in a connected diamond pattern with varigated
pastel beads on both sleeves, along the neckline and
shoulder and down one side of the skirt.
Swarovski Austrian AB crystals are scattered throughout
the beading and on the fringe.
Beading done by Vicki.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"

Pearlized Blue Lambskin

From D'Anton leather, this fitted, 2 piece outfit has an original star-shaped neckline, outlined in small Swarovski Austrian AB crystals. The crystals also form a falling
star design on the skirt and down each sleeve. Silver and blue fringe crosses
the back of the bodice and bottom of
the skirt, and crystals are scattered
throughout both layers of fringe. Made for Miss Rodeo Nebraska's coronation, 2004.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"

Oregon Trail
Rodeo Queen

The dress is white ultra suede with Indian Teal fringe and shooting stars.

The stars are outlined
with silver foil leather
and hundreds of
AB Swarovski crystals.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"



Miss Rodeo Wyoming

White smooth lambskin
dress and peplum jacket
has black lambskin
'70's style collar and cuffs.
The dress is sleeveless
and has a flared skirt
with a bit of a train
in the back.

The cut-away jacket
also has large
Swarovski Austrian
AB crystals scattered
on the collar and cuffs.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"

Miss Rodeo
Nebraska 2004

Neon pink lambskin was worn for
Miss Rodeo America 2004 Coronation.

The triangular neckline is lined with rose and amethyst Swarovski crystals. 15" long pink and silver fringe hangs from the back of the
sleeves and the yoke back.

Rose and amethyst crystals were
also used to make a broken
diamond pattern on one shoulder
and one side of the skirt, and
scattered throughout the fringe.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"

Miss Rodeo

Deep purple pigskin
from D'Anton leather.
This two piece outfit was sewn by Jo Morphew
for Miss Rodeo Kansas
to wear to the
Get Acquainted party
at Miss Rodeo
America Pageant.

The sleeves, shoulders
and back of the bodice
are beaded with silver beads and sequins in a
Princess Feather design.
Beading done by Vicki.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"

Miss Rodeo
Nebraska 2004

This rust-colored moleskin
dress is embellished with
ultra-suede cut-out flowers,
and is fringed in black and cream.

The flower design was
adapted from a dress that
the model saw at
Miss Rodeo America 2003.

The dress has a unique
neckline and fringeline.
The flowers and fringe also
continue across the back yoke.

This dress was worn at the
Miss Rodeo Nebraska
2004 send-off gala.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"

Miss Rodeo
Kansas 2003

Very green pigskin
from D'Anton leather.
One piece dress has a
princess neckline,
silver and green fringe
down the back of the
sleeve and bottom of skirt. Embellished with silver
leather cutouts on sleeves, bodice and skirt,
and studded with
Swarovski Austrian
AB crystals.

Sewn for Miss Rodeo
Kansas 2003 to wear in the Fashion Show at Miss Rodeo America Pageant.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"

Royal Blue
Pig Suede Dress

Royal blue pig suede
dress has a modified
princess neckline,
red horseshoe cut-outs
on the shoulders and
sleeves and red and blue
fringe along the hemline.

Swarovski AB crystals
line the horseshoes
neckline and are
scattered on the fringe.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"

Bronze Cowhide

Smooth bronze cowhide from Brazil,
this fitted, sleeveless shell, skirt and
lined jacket is simply embellished with Swarovski Austrian AB crystals
along the neckline of the dress and
jacket lapel and collar.
Part of Miss Rodeo Nebraska
wardrobe in 2004.

"Tailor Maid by Jo"


Rodeo Queen Garments
Custom Made by Jo Morphew

"Tailor Maid by Jo"
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