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Receiver List
  • REC-Astrovox-VSR-2500 ASTROVOX VSR-2500 FTA Digital Receiver
  • REC-Astrovox-VSR-4500 ASTROVOX VSR-4500 2Ci Digital Receiver
  • REC-Atlanta-5400-IR-2CI 5400-IR-2CI Digital 2 CI+ Conax Receiver
  • REC-Atlanta-DreamBox DreamBox DM 7000 Linux-Based Receiver
  • REC-Avias-VA-203S VA 203S Digital Satellite Receiver
  • REC-Commsearch-Pansat2100 Pansat 2100 Digital MPEG-2 DVB (FTA) Receiver
  • REC-Commsearch-Pansat330 Pansat 330 (Hyundai) Digital Receiver with PAL Converter
  • REC-Commsearch-Pansat700 Pansat 700HC (Hyundai) Digital Receiver PVR HDD
  • REC-Comstar-CS8700PVR CS-8700PVR Digital Receiver
  • REC-Coship-CDVB2000D CDVB 2000D Digital Viaccess CA Receiver
  • REC-Coship-CDVB2000IS CDVB 2000IS Digital Irdeto Access Receiver
  • REC-Coship-CDVB2300AB CDVB 2300A/B FTA Digital Receiver
  • REC-Digital-Sat-DSAT-5000 DSAT-5000 Series Digital Receiver
  • REC-Digital-Telemedia-DT414S DT-414S Digital Receiver with CI
  • REC-Digital-Telemedia-DT641S DT-641S Digital Analog Receiver Positioner with CI
  • REC-Dream-DreamBox DreamBox DM 7000 Linux-Based Receiver
  • REC-Dynapax-DST DST CI Digital TV Card
  • REC-Eight-Digistar Digistar Digital Receiver
  • REC-Eurotronic-Samsung-SFT702E SFT-702E Samsung FTA Mini Model
  • REC-Jiangsu-Yinhe-SY300 SY-300 Satellite Receiver with High-Speed Channel Changing
  • REC-Kaon-Media-K-200 K-200 Small Receiver
  • REC-Kaon-Media-KCC-570 KCC-570 Cable Receiver
  • REC-Kaon-Media-KTSC-570 KTSC-570 COMBO Receiver
  • REC-Pacific-Satellite-DSR2800CI PACIFIC DSR 2800CI Common Interface Digital Receiver
  • REC-Pacific-Satellite-DSR2882 PACIFIC DSR 2882 FTA Digital Receiver
  • REC-PentaMedia-PentaOffice [email protected] Internet for Multi-Users
  • REC-PentaMedia-PentaU [email protected]+ Satellite Data Broadcast Receiving for Single User
  • REC-PentaMedia-PentaVALUE [email protected] Satellite Data Broadcast Receiving for Single User
  • REC-PentaMedia-PentaVISION [email protected] Digital Satellite Free-to-Air TV & Internet PC Card
  • REC-PentaMedia-PentaVISIONCI [email protected] Satellite Internet, FTA TV, Pay TV
  • REC-Quanzhou-Shenzhou-34060A 34060A CI Receiver
  • REC-Rover-DSR-800 DSR-800/S Professional Digital Receiver
  • REC-Rover-DTR-800 DTR-800/T Professional COFDM DVB-T Monitoring Receiver
  • REC-Samsung-Electronics-DSR9400 DSR 9400 Series - Slim Design Digital Satellite Receiver
  • REC-Samsung-Electronics-DSR9500 DSR 9500 Series - Digital Satellite Receiver
  • REC-Samsung-SCI703E SCI-703E Digital Common Interface Receiver
  • REC-Star-Distributions-DSB2200 DSB-2200 EchoNavUI 2 CI Digital Receiver
  • REC-Star-Distributions-DSB707 DSB-707 EchoNavUI FTA Digital Receiver
  • REC-Star-Distributions-DVR7000HDD ECHOSTAR DVR-7000 HDD Digital Analog 2 CI Receiver
  • REC-Star-Sat-SRX200CI SR-X200 CI Digital Common Interface Receiver
  • REC-Strong-SRT-4125 SRT 4125 Evolution FTA Receiver
  • REC-Strong-SRT-4155 SRT 4155 Evolution FTA Receiver
  • REC-Strong-SRT-4355 SRT 4355 Evolution 2 CI Receiver
  • REC-Strong-SRT-4356 SRT 4356 PVR Receiver
  • REC-Strong-SRT-4375 SRT 4375 2 Digital Analog 2 CI Receiver
  • REC-Strong-SRT-5000T SRT 5000T Digital Terrestrial Receiver
  • REC-Strong-SRT-8000 SRT 8000 SECA Digital Receiver
  • REC-SuperMax-FT9700S FT-9700S Digital Satellite Receiver
  • REC-THEAERA THEAERA Series Digital Receiver
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