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International Water Demand Management Conference

May 30 – June 3, 2004  Jordan




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EU pledges to help save Dead Sea

Jordan's bid to save the Dead Sea from vanishing in 50 years has received a boost from the European Union, which has pledged to explore funding for the project …



Palestine and Israel unite to save Dead Sea

June 03 2004 Israel and Palestine are supporting a project to save the Dead Sea from extinction. It emerged the two communities put aside historic differences to support a plan to save the ecosystem of the sea, whose water level is dropping ...



Kingdom Needs Massive Investment for Water Security

DEAD SEA, Jordan, 3 June 2004 — Saudi Arabia will need a capital investment averaging nearly $2 billion per year for the next 20 years in order to meet projected water demand. This figure assumes a net reduction from 286 liters a day to 250 liters per day consumed per head of population …



Jordan appeals for int'l help to save the Dead Sea

SOUTHERN SHUNEH, June 2 (AP): Jordan appealed Tuesday for international assistance to help save the ecosystem of the Dead Sea, whose water level is dropping ...



Government launches master plan to control water deficit

June 2, 2004  DEAD SEA — The Ministry of Water and Irrigation on Tuesday announced the launch of the digital National Water Master Plan 2005-2020, designed to keep the current water deficit from expanding ...



Dead Sea could disappear

02/06/2004 07:53  Amman - The Dead Sea could disappear within 50 years unless a scheme to build a canal from the Red Sea to replenish it was implemented soon, Jordanian Water Minister Hazem Nasser warned on Tuesday ...



Iraqi water sector undermined by crippled infrastructure, absence of security, minister says

June 01, 2004  SOUTHERN SHUNEH, Jordan— Iraq has sufficient water resources from lakes and rivers, but the vital sector is undermined by impotent infrastructure and lack of security in post-war Iraq, Iraqi Water Resources Minister Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid said this week…




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Turkish Energy Minister: We Are Going To Make Renewable Energy Law

6/3/2004 BONN - Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Miniister Hilmi Guler has said that as the Turkish government, they attributed great importance to renewable energy issue and they would make Renewable Energy Law … Guler said, ''Turkey will be transformed into a 'center of wind energy' with legal arrangements. As a result of renewable energy, we will make use of national resources. Turkey can currently make use of thirty-five percent of its water resources. Electricity energy from water is about twenty-six percent. Our aim is to increase this rate.''…



BROT für die Welt fordert Menschenrecht auf Wasser

Dienstag 1. Juni 2004, Bonn (AP) Die kirchliche Hilfsorganisation Brot für die Welt hat an die Bundesregierung appelliert, sich für das Menschenrecht auf Wasser einzusetzen. ...


Bezug: Kampagne Wasser ist keine Ware – Wasser ist Menschenrecht:


Kommentierung Barandat: „Menschenrecht auf Wasser“




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