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Disney Villains' Revenge PC Game (Featuring Dumbo)

Disney Interactive made the PC Game "Disney Villains' Revenge". This game has 4 different stories that got destroyed by the villains so they end differently then they should. The stories include Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Peter Pan, and Dumbo. With each one there is a challenge and when completed the story goes back to normal. Once all 4 story challenges are completed there is a final battle with each villain and then 4 extra games open up.

The Dumbo story is messed up because Dumbo can no longer fly so the challenge, called Save Dumbo, is to set up the clown act so that the clown falls of the burning building and then he makes different obstacles happen so that Dumbo can fly again. The final battle for Dumbo is with the Ringmaster and his clowns who throw pies and bowling pins at you that you have to reflect back with a book.

The extra game for Dumbo is called Clown Fever. Bumpy the clown from Dumbo is a dancer so he allows you to make him dance Freestyle or play Match a Move. In Match a Move you have to mimic the dance moves that Bumpy does.

Dumbo is part of Gate Game, which is an extra little game where you have to find the characters hidden in the gate and when you find them they are colored.
Mrs. Jumbo tells Jiminy Cricket, the host of the game, about Dumbo's problem of not being able to fly. This is the intro for the Save Dumbo game.
A screenshot of the Save Dumbo game. Each of the obstacles have to be moved in a certain way so that Dumbo can fly at the end.
The end battle with the Ringmaster and clowns. They hide in a huge clown head.
Bumpy the clown dances as you pick which move he does next.





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