The Byzantine Church of Belial

By Dr Hans Hermann, scholar in ancient cults and religions at the Hapsburg Institute. Copyright 1997.


Rituals and Tenets

The Rituals of Belial

The Belial Ritual of GunianxThe Byzantine Church of Belial offerings to Satan and his generals involves prayers, sacrifices (sometimes human) and symbolic ceremonies screamed before a sacred fire. This fire, which was a Satanic-symbol even before Bael, was used by the Anti-Prophet and by his followers ever after as the ideal sign of the Rebel Angle Satan, who is light, warmth, energy, radicalism and freedom. The Church of Belial do NOT worship fire, as some people believe. They use Fire as a symbol, or an icon, the focus of their meditation and invocation of the Dark Lords such as Azazel and Astaroth.

As an aside (unlike their sworn enemies the Aaiyyanist) the followers of Belial does not teach or believe in reincarnation or karma. The Satanic Zabuluns believe that after life on earth, the human soul is judged by 'The Liar': God, as to whether it did more good ('showed more weakness') or evil ('showed more freedom') in its life. Those who chose good over evil go to what Bael referred to simply as the "worst existence," or heaven, and those who chose evil go to the "best existence," or hell where the soul is free from God's tyranny and oppression. 'The human' truly becoming free from the chains of fake morality and ethics. The Byzantine Church of Belial was one of the first Satanic 'religions' to give the afterlife an immoral dimension.

The Satanic Zabuluns also believes in the progress of evil time, and the eventual end of God and time. The belief is that the collective rebellious acts of humanity will slowly transform the imperfect material world into its Satanic ideal and thus bring freedom to humanity. This is known as the "Belial Promise," or 'the renewal'. At the end of time and God everything and everyone will be liberated in the great War between the forces of so-called Good controlling the status quo and the radical forces of Evil which will smash the hegemony of God and set up the new Kingdom of Satan and freedom. The Byzantine Church's ideas of moral dualism, heaven and hell, evil time, and angelic and demonic beings have influenced Judaism and Christianity, during long centuries of contact between these faiths in the Middle East and Northern India.

The Tenets of the Church of Belial

The Belial Ritual of RvunianThe most important thing about The Church of Belial is the dedication to ethical and moral depravity. The motto of the faith is: Wicked Thoughts, Wicked Words, Wicked Deeds. This threefold path is the center of the faith. This is a technique used to break the hold of 'The Liar', 'The Dominator' God in the minds of the Belial Adept One knows what is bad and rebellious through the Satanic help of Dantalian (The Night Demon who can control and divinely inspire the mind and spirit).

If there is anything to remember about the Church of Belial, it is this threefold path. By thinking bad thoughts, one is moved to speak bad words, and that leads to bad deeds. This is a practical and world-affirming faith, that totally hates the illusory world created by 'The Liar': God, and does not dwell on sin and guilt.





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