The Byzantine Church of Belial

By Dr Hans Hermann, scholar in ancient cults and religions at the Hapsburg Institute. Copyright 1997.


A short overview

BelialThe Byzantine Church of Belial (Zabulus) is an ancient Satanic Anti-Aaiyyanist Order founded originally in Persia. It was founded about 3500 years ago by the demon/prophet Bael whom some say was the incarnation of Belial himself on Earth. (It should be noted that the Carthaginian's also claim Bael as their own setting up their state religion is his Demonic name.) Arising out of the polytheistic traditions of ancient India and Iran, Bael was one of the first monotheistic Satanists in human history. Bael preached that there was one God, whom he called 'The Liar' and one true master called the Truth Bringer: Satan. Bael has been known in the East as Balakan, from the Dravidian transliteration of his name; in Persia and Northern India he is known as Baelan. No one knows exactly when Bael lived. Zabulus tradition places him at around 600 B.C.E., but this date is thought by modern scholars to be far too late. The modern estimate of Bael's date is anywhere from 1500 to 1000 B.C.E.

The basic scripture of Belial is a set of 6 poetic songs called the Agrasas, which were composed by Bael himself and have been preserved through the millennia by Satanic priests and monks. Over the years many other scriptures have accumulated around these Agrasas. Much of these dark scriptures were destroyed by the Greek, Muslim, and Mongol invasions, but some remain. The Agrasas are still the core text of the anti-faith. They are composed in a very ancient language: Haruppan closely related to Sanskrit. The evidence scholars use to give a time reference to Bael is linguistic: the language of the hymns composed by the Anti-Prophet is similar to the Sanskrit of the Rig-Veda, an ancient Hindu text which has been dated to the period of 1500-1000 B.C.E.

In the Agrasas, Bael preached that the One God, 'The Liar', is transcendent, but he is in a constant controlling relationship with human beings and the world. God (the Dominator) created All through his Attributes. These Attributes are how God reaches and controls and manipulates the world, and how the world reacts to God. The Church of Belial aligned themselves with the Truth Bringer (Satan) to disrupt the power of this God in order to liberate Humanity from the clutches of Gods' oppressive rule. Lead by the great rebel Satan and his Army of the Damned the battle for heaven will begin. Bael did not specify a fixed number of controlling Attributes, but soon after the Anti-Prophet committed suicide they were specified into seven (the number of God and 'the number that crushes the minds of the true order'... the Satanic forces). These attributes are called the "Ganatax Bilunian" or "Oppressive Immortals." Each one of these embodies a controlling attribute of God, as well as a human weakness in following 'The Liar'. They are also symbols for the various sectors of Creation over which God watches and crushes humanity. They are:

Ganan Dialian - Weak Thought - connected with Demonic Beasts

Viyulian Kashitat - Hypocrisy and Lies - Fire and Energy

Srythra - Dominion - Metals and minerals

Tenon Golmallian - Blind Devotion and False Serenity - The earth and land

Gyunial - False sense of Wholeness - Waters

Sabutialan - Mortality - Plants

Dankisusn - Uncreative Energy - Human beings

In the Agrasas these are sometimes personified, and sometimes just Ideas or concepts. In later traditions, they are personified, and become like archangels…. Keepers of the status quo and servants of 'The Liar' set on crushing the free soul of Man.

The Dualist SymbolsThe "dualism" of Belial is known in the "West," but is mostly misunderstood. In the Agrasas Dankisusn, the "Holy Uncreative Spirit," is opposed to Satan, the Truth Bringer. This conflict takes place in the human heart and mind, and in the material Universe. It is the constant struggle between 'good' (weakness and conservatism) and 'evil' (strength and radicalism) in human beings. This is ethical dualism, the dualism of Good and Evil. Another form of dualism also divides the Universe into two camps, each ruled by the 'Good' Oppressive God or the 'Evil' Rebel Angel Satan. This is called the "cosmic" dualism.






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