As you carefully step down from the back of the green dragon that has brought you to Jerdan Weyr, you are met immediately by a lovely redhead. "I'm Kirina, the record keeper at Jerdan Weyr," she says. There have been a lot of changes recently. Weyrwoman Carah has turned over the responsibility of new clutches to Weyrwoman Bretta of Aden Weyr. If you are looking to impress a dragon, mate your dragon, or impress a fire-lizard, you should catch a ride to Aden Weyr.

For candidate openings at other Weyrs, you should check out the list maintained by Gallimim Weyr.

Here is the list of riders who have impressed from Jerdan Weyr. Lorin, the headwoman, can tell you where to find the Resident Dragonriders. Visit her in the Lower Caverns. Lorin's assistant, Danis maintains the Store Room. If it's history you like, then come with me to the Records Room to learn about the dragonriders here.

If you need a quick ride between somewhere, a weyrling would be glad to take you. Check out the possible links between, or webrings we belong to.

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