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Greylock STUB Connectors

Given that we don't know exactly where you want to place your access connector(s) for your quick-connect battery cables, we'll need you to tell us what cable lengths you want for your STUB(s).

Here are a few things to consider when planning where to put your connector. If you still have any questions, do please feel free to drop us a line!

Careful planning will make your STUB connector last as long as your battery cables. You will need one stub connector for each vehicle you plan to carry cables in.

And, if you plan on using the "jumper" cables (part number J-xxG) without clamps, you will need stub connectors for ALL vehicles with which you plan to use these cables. You can also get an adapter (part number ADAPT) to use your J-series cables as regular cables, and the J-series cables may be chained with the G-series booster cables (B-xxG) to make a longer set as needed.

Once you have decided how long the leads for your STUB need to be, contact us for a quote to add to your order.

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