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Fast Food

Middle Eastern 

A wide range of Middle Eastern fast food is available throughout Jeddah and is popular with all nationalities.  The staple snack is SHIWARMA, cooked on large, upright, rotating skewers and consisting of chicken or beef (meat).  The meat is sliced off the skewer and wrapped in pitta bread with tahini paste, chips, pickles, tomatos and salad usually in about 3 seconds! 

MUTABBAK is a kind of pancake/omelette filled with vegetables and/or meat.  FALAFEL are deep fried balls of mashed chick peas, an Egyptian speciality.  Most shiwarma cafes also do SHISH KEBAB, charcoal grilled chunks of beef or lamb on skewers,  SHISH TAWOOK (marinated chicken on skewers) and healthy freshly squeezed fruit juices. 

There are also whole, spit-roasted chickens for SR15-20.  Try the shiwarmas at the row of cafes in Baghdadia/Ammariya downtown (east of Al Bayya Square, the end of Madinah Road R6).  Those who prefer something different can try CAMEL KEBABS in Balad, to be found along King Abdul Aziz Street beyond the Mahmal Centre bridge.



The western fast food market has really expanded over the last few years and special offers are a regular feature, especially the 'Combo meal' or 'all you can eat' lunches.  With the boom in shopping centres, you are certain to find your favourite at most of them and they also group together as on Tahlia Street and Waly Al Ahd Street. 

Burgers - International Chains 

Burger King - flame grilled burgers at sites including Tahlia Street and Hera'a Street and Obhur, most have play areas

McDonalds - just look for the Golden arches, most have play areas

Dairy Queen - burgers and hotdogs from one location on the Corniche

Hardees - more burgers

Jollibees - near the Bicycle Roundabout

Wendy's - increasing their outlets across Jeddah, they specialise in burgers with side dishes such as stuffed potatos and salad bar

Wimpy - good British burgers!  Vegetarians should try the vegi-burger.


Burgers - Local Chains 

Al-Dewan - has a menu similar to McDonalds with good quality food

Herfy is a Riyadh based chain which has outlets on Hera'a Street, Quoraish Street, Palestine Street.

Kudu - good burgers and sandwiches as well as breakfasts


Chicken - International Chains 

KFC - finger lickin' good chicken in burgers, nuggets and drumsticks

Popeyes - chicken and biscuits plus a variety of seafood platters


Chicken - Local Chains 

Americana Chicken Tikka - quarter chicken, fries and bread for SR10

Al Baik - is in healthy competition with KFC, locations all over Jeddah

Al Dewan - also serves broast

Al Tazaj - cooks the chickens in giant rotating baskets over charcoal, locations all over Jeddah

Pizza Sheikh - also serves broast


Pizza - International Chains 

Pizza Hut - has lots of branches in Jeddah, some with play areas

Shakeys - has several restaurants with three types of pizza, nachos, spaghetti, lasagne and salad bar


Pizza - Local Chains 

Al Dewan - also serves pizza

Pizza Sheikh - several branches serving pizzas in varying sizes, calzone, submarine sandwiches, salad bar and chicken 


Taco Bell - at the Wendy's Complex on Al Andalus Street - tacos, burritos