6-volt model

-prop is 71 1/2" overall length, (probably 72" originally) 3 1/2" at the widest point near center, and tapering down to 2 7/8" at the tips. Measurements were taken on an original prop that has likely shrunk in the dry air.

-prop is 3/4" thick, varnished finish. copper protective strips, 14" up from the tips on the leading edges.

-1 1/8" hole in center. two 5/16" mounting holes 2 1/4 inches apart for the attaching bolts.

-spinner cap covering the mounting nut is 3" in diameter with a spherical raised center, rising 5/8".

-cup behind prop is shaped like a soup bowl; it is conical shaped, 5" at the prop side and 6 1/8" at the open end, 1 3/4" deep. 1 3/8" hole in center. two 3/8" holes in center, 2 1/4" apart for the mounting bolts.

-cup and spinner cap are painted red.

-wood is straight grained Douglas fir. hardwoods are usually too heavy.

-some of the later 6-volt models used a 7' prop.

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