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Pc Spes and Prostate Cancer

I'm Jean Curie, a 56 year old man with advanced prostate cancer.

I was diagnosed in august '98 with advanced prostate cancer with metastases to all the bones except the head. After the conventional hormonal treatment I became hormon refractory and stopped responding in april '99. My PSA rose from 18.7 to 112 in a few month's. Then I discovered PC SPES, it literally saved my life. My current PSA (02/09/00) is 0.5 and the only treatment is 3x3 capsules of PC SPES and 15 grams Modified Citrus Pectin each day. I know people who are using pc-spes for years, unfortunately there are also people who stopped responding to pc-spes after a certain period of time. Pc-spes has lengthened my survival time now with almost 1 year. UPDATE 15/10/02 : pc-spes and spes are not available anymore because Botaniclab has closed. I am using now Prostasol with imupros, my current PSA is 6.1 UPDATE 12/03/03 : pc-spes and spes available again (look at link where to buy). My current psa is 8.4 .

DISCLAIMER: I'm no medical doctor, this website is purely for educational and informational purposes. It's not meant as medical advice or treatment of prostate cancer or other cancers. I don't have any commercial interests, I don't sell any products.

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