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JAxe is a Java clone of the HJSplit program; it allows you to split a large file into smaller pieces and then join them back into the original file: this can be useful for example to send the file by email, or to store it in floppy disks.
As it is written in Java, JAxe runs on any platform which supports it, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris (and maybe even freeBSD...).
JAxe graphic interface supports skins: its appearance can be easily changed by adding new skins to the program - the instructions on how to create your own skin can be found here.
Moreover, now JAxe has a more powerful command line interface!
Finally, JAxe is free software and is distributed under the GPL!!!

Click here to see what's new in version 0.8.

JAxe - Copyright (C) 2002 - 2005 L. Ferracci
Contact: [email protected]

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