DRAFT Quick Reference Guide and Tutorial for Screen Reading with Jaws,
prepared by Maeve May.

Follow the links for specific Topics using Jaws and Windows Shortcuts and Notes for Jaws users.

Home Page    |   Jaws Reading Shortcuts    |   Menus and Dialog Boxes Shortcuts and notes    |   Desktop Shortcut and Notes     |    Word Shortcuts and Notes   |   Internet Shortcuts & Notes    |   Outlook Shortcuts and Notes    |   Outlook Express Notes    |      File Management Shortcuts     |  Jaws special Features    |   Outlook Calendar shortcuts and notes   |   Excel for Jaws     |    Powerpoint for Jaws

Introduction and how to use this website for Jaws users.

The notes, shortcuts and tutorials in this website are intended to be used as a quick reference and as a supplement to the in-depth step by step instructions compiled by Vision Australia, as well the complete set of shortcuts supplied by the Jaws suppliers, Freedom Scientific. The website have been compiled by Maeve May through the Vision Impairment Unit, Disability Services and intended to be used as a guide for visually impaired TAFE students and as a reference for TAFE teachers teaching visually impaired students.

A very basic format has been used in the layout of these pages to make it easier for beginner screen readers using Jaws. 

The easiest way for Jaws users to search for information in this website is to press Insert F7 to list all hyperlinks which are the major topics covered in this set of tutorials using Jaws.  Arrow down through the links until you find the topic you want to read. 

On each web-page styled headings have been used for each sub-topic to make it easy for Jaws to navigate. To quickly find information within the web page, press H key to move to the next heading within the web page. Keep pressing H until you find what you want then press P for Jaws to start reading the paragraph underneath.  Alternatively press Insert F6 to list all headings on the page.

At the start of each  webpage there is a list of shortcuts specific to the topic.  Some of these shortcuts are available in several applications.  Underneath the shortcuts are more detailed instructions on that particular program..   

As it is almost impossible to remember all keyboard shortcuts, referring to the Jaws and windows help at any stage will assist you.  The following is a list of Help shortcuts.

Help for Jaws & Windows

Insert 1.   Keyboard Help on/off toggle  identifies keys when pressed.

Insert 2.   Change Echo to character, word, both character and word, or none 4 way toggle.

F1.              Windows Help type question and press enter.

Insert F1.   Screen Sensitive Help Virtual viewer.  List info about the file you have open.

Insert  F1 twice quickly.  Jaws Help Control tab to index.

Insert H.        Help for Jaws keyboard shortcuts specific to active application.

Insert W.      Help for Windows keyboard shortcuts specific to the active application.



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