EAM/VAM/LAM Colour Schemes

Here are what I believe to be the main colour schemes applied to the EAM/VAM/LAM series of sleeping cars, 
and the appropriate time periods they were applied.  Illustrations are of EAM, but the colour schemes were 
common to all codes.

Purple Brown:- From introduction till repainting during the 1920s

Distinguishing features:-  Gas lighting, vestibule doors, decorative panels with curved lower edges between windows.
Matchboard siding.

Pre-war Russet and Tuscan Red:- From repainting during 1920s till repainting post 1946.

Illustration above shows car with red letterboard, illustration below shows russet letterboard.

There has been a divergence of opinion on whether the pre-war Russet and Tuscan Red scheme for these cars had 
the letterboard painted red or russet.  The written specifications suggest that the letterboard was russet, but most
of the (b&w) photos I have seen seem to indicate that the letterboard was red.   My theory is that the letterboards
were russet till 1938, when the lettering style changed, and red from then on.

Distinguishing features:-  Progressively converted from gas to electric light.  They had the decorative panels 
replaced with the smaller panels shown below towards the end of the period.

Post 1946 Tuscan and Russet:-From first repainting post 1946 till first repainting post 1954.

Distinguishing features:-  I am led to believe that the vestibule doors were removed sometime after the war. 
Decorative curved panels between windows altered.

Post 1954 Overall Red:-From first repainting after 1954 till scrapping.

Distinguishing features:-  Most had the matchboarding replaced with plywood panels and some had the 
crownlights covered up as well.
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