Service Club, a tale by Karla (bi-switch)

Susie Smith, mouth dry, heart in mouth, held on tight to Calum as they walked through the door of the converted chapel in what was now a desirable address for the nouveau-rich. The innocuously named Service Club had only a discreet brass plaque beside the door, and indeed many ex-servicemen were turned away each year. Tonight was to be Susie’s first public spanking.

Susie had met Calum at a munch the previous year, had enjoyed talking to him and his supposed partner, Fiona, a bright, intelligent witty girl with a wicked sense of humour. Over a period of three months they had met a few times, always at munches and always the trio seemed to be compatible in outlook and intellect. At that time Susie had only played online at BS and was slowly venturing out to munches and meeting people. She had been to the London Fetish Fair, been fascinated, skirted the edges, played and flirted but never taken that final step.

Then one night Fiona had revealed Calum was not her partner, he was her disciplinarian. Fiona explained she had been doing badly in college, mainly because of too much time spent on web sites, realised she needed help and through BS had met Calum with a view to raising her grades. She had gone on to say that he (Calum) had helped enormously, not just by spanking her but by supporting her, praising good work. Now though Fiona had qualified and was going to work abroad with the Foreign Office and Calum would have free time. Susie was pleased for Fiona, sympathetic towards Calum but expressed the opinion that he would have no trouble finding other partners.

It was then that Fiona had dropped her bombshell, she said that in her opinion Calum and Susie would make a perfect couple. In all honesty Susie had to admit she had fantasised about Calum occasionally, but now her heart began to race, her palms felt damp, her stomach queasy. The girls had talked and parted that night planning to meet at the next months munch. Susie spent the whole month online but thinking constantly about Calum, about his hands, his smile, his sense of humour, about what it would be like to be spanked by him, a side she had never seen. Yes he had discussed spanking at the munches, occasionally swatted Fiona for supposed cheeky remarks, but always towards her he had behaved impeccably.

When Susie arrived at the next munch she found Calum waiting for her. He explained that Susie had telephoned the previous night telling him she had mixed her leaving dates up and had arranged to meet Susie here and he was the bearer of apologies and protestations of affection. Susie knew immediately she had been set up by Fiona and hoped that Calum could not see her blushes.

They had naturally drifted to the bar and then to separate tables always though seeming to know where each other was. Towards the end of the night they had been together and talking. Susie naturally asked what Calum would do now Fiona had gone, he asked Susie about her spanking experience. Susie told him all about finding the BS site, that she had never been spanked other than online; how she didn’t feel the need to brat; didn’t need help with college or personal issues, she was just fascinated and repelled and drawn to the idea of being spanked by a man.

Without conscious thought they had walked out together, drifted from the pub towards the bus station and Calum had boarded her bus, saying he would see her safely home. She had invited him in for coffee, half-hoping, half determined not to succumb to her urges. They talked till the early hours of the morning, mainly about Susie and her timid wanderings around the edges of spanking and BDSM. Eventually Calum had looked Susie in the face and offered to give her a short spanking then leave to let her sort out her feelings. He promised it would sting but not hurt, just give her enough feeling to imagine what a proper spanking might do for her.

With her heart in her mouth Susie had stammered and hedged while Calum just sat with an enigmatic smile on his face, not threatening, no aggression at all. Because she knew him so well as a friend rather than a spanker Susie hesitated, then realised it was a perfect opportunity, she trusted Calum not to gossip and not to judge her if she decided she hated the actual act. Shyly she whispered that she would like to try but he would have to help, he would have to be patient with her because she was a newbie and a spanking virgin. 

Calum had chuckled and led her over to a kitchen chair and said it was hardly a fate worse than death and anyway at least her questions would be answered. This forced a nervous laugh from Susie as she realised how silly she was being, what harm could come from a brief playful spanking? She tried to relax as she awkwardly went forward and began to lie across Calum’s lap.

In her tiny little flat, in the early hours of the morning a strange and wonderful thing happened. As Calum guided her into place across his lap she suddenly felt graceful, natural. Susie had of course practised this so often in cyber and now it was as if she belonged. When Calum eased her forward she shuffled on hands and feet knowing he wanted her bottom positioned for his right hand, her palms were on the floor as were her toes, her bottom suddenly felt isolated, vulnerable, she started when Calum rested his palm across her cheeks. Now she wished she had worn thin slacks not denims, then she wished she had worn thicker knickers, she didn’t know what she felt.

Oh the wonder of that first spanking! Susie still thought about it a lot, how he had spanked her gently, then a little harder, then a little harder, the whole spanking not lasting more than five minutes. When he had finished, as promised, her bottom felt warm and there was a definite sting, but for Susie it was just a wonderful sensation. They had talked some more, Susie quite happy chatting while over Calum’s lap his hand slowly stroking her denim clad derriere. Susie admitted it was a great feeling, somehow liberating, a sense of having no inhibitions, no taboos, a total release of control.

Later they shared coffee and about 3 30 am Calum said he had to go and Susie feeling guilty about the time had offered him her couch for the night, breakfast the next day before the first bus, an offer Calum had been grateful to accept.

Impetuously Susie had put it to Calum that because he was going to save the travelling time by staying over would he use some of that time to spank her a little more firmly, let her go to bed with a warmer bottom?

Calum had laughed, called her a brat and pulled her rather quickly over his lap again! Susie had laughed then very quickly turned serious when Calum’s rather hard palm had her yelping. They both realised though that she had made no attempt to stop him by either word or deed. He had released her and said next time she should wear a long thin skirt so she could really experience the sting, and perhaps have her skirt lifted and be spanked closer to home as he put it. Susie had thanked him prettily and skipped off to bed with a nicely warmed, if not sore, bottom and a song in her heart. Next day over coffee before catching an early bus to school Susie and Calum officially became an item, both agreeing it would not be a D/s thing like he had with Fiona but a spanking relationship within an ordinary boy girl thing.

On this night they had been an item for almost nine months and had been semi officially engaged for two. Over this time Calum had spanked Susie many times, indeed they had made a wonderful journey together. Susie discovered her love of spanking extended to physical chastisement in all its forms, she had been spanked, flogged, slippered, paddled, strapped with various objects and caned; and loved it all! Unusually Susie needed no excuses to receive a spanking, no need for guilt or discipline; her grades were high, her work ethic thrived on spankings she accepted cheerfully, eagerly with gusto. Calum had though twice spanked her because of issues that had come between them and she was honest enough to admit that he had been right, there had been no long drawn out recriminations, no nursing of grudges. In his wisdom he had brought the issue straight out into the open and asked her to let him deal with it. The second occasion had been after she had inadvertently belittled him in company, something for which she was immediately contrite when she realised he was right.  Susie was still proud of the grace she had accepted the twelve strokes of their heavy cane. She was proud of the marks she had worn for nearly ten days before Calum decided her bottom was pristine and ready to be spanked for fun again, much to Susie’s relief as she was in withdrawal by then.

Now, tonight, soon, Susie was to be chastised in public at her own request.

A while ago Calum had introduced Susie to the Service Club, managed to get her membership. Originally set up by thirty people each putting up £1,000 each and buying the old chapel for a song. Membership was strictly limited to 300 people each of whom paid £100 annually, but with options to become shareholders after the original investors got their stake back. By far and away the majority of the membership money went towards improving the facilities. Because of the limited numbers the club was like a small community and like any community there were good and bad. But by and large though Susie liked spankophiles; she found them open, friendly, bright and intelligent. Susie supposed it was because they were spankophiles and admitted it to others that they could be so open. After all after admitting breaking that taboo what was left to be shy about?

A while ago Susie had noticed that a minority of members would talk condescendingly to her because she did not play in public, almost as though there was a hierarchy of spanking. Susie didn’t mind this, she was confident of her relationship with Calum, enjoyed their private play. Then she noticed that they were making disparaging remarks about and to Calum as well; she heard them ask if he was turning vanilla, if he had lost his Dominant tendencies. None of these remarks bothered Calum, when directed at her they didn’t bother Susie but she felt anger when they were aimed at Calum. Susie also had niggling doubts about herself, was it her that was causing this attitude towards the man she now called her own? When she brought up the subject Calum laughed it off and told her that the last thing he worried about was the players, the wannabes as he called them, the only important thing to him was the relationship between them. Susie was reassured for a while but still felt an undercurrent of dissatisfaction, a feeling Calum was being belittled because of her. She couldn’t leave it alone and kept seeking reassurance form Calum. His patience became stretched at what he perceived as Susie’s inability to recognise what was and was not important.

Within the club there was a public room that like any social club served food and drink with only minor play allowed, a second bar where play was allowed, subject to consent from both parties. Then there were private dining rooms, some decorated with dungeon and BDSM furniture, for use by couples or small parties. One evening Susie asked Calum if they could talk very seriously, and asked if he would let her finish before he passed comment. He of course consented and Susie explained that the issue was not Calum but how it was affecting her, and how she was scared her attitude might undermine what they had together. So she hesitantly proposed a solution; she wanted Calum to chastise her as he saw fit in front of some friends, people for whom they had respect and affection. She proposed they invite them to a luncheon in a private room. She explained this would set her mind at rest as in her mind the people whose opinion she valued would appreciate the truth. Susie assured Calum she had thought long and hard about this, realised she would be humiliated as well as beaten but would be proud and grateful to receive this gift from him. After a long discussion Calum came to realise how serious the problem was, how important the proposed solution was to Susie and he agreed, saying he would be pleased to help and spanking Susie for him was always a pleasure! Together they drew up an invitation list and now the time had arrived!

Still holding onto Calum Susie made her way through the crowds thinking every eye must be following every movement, though knowing they couldn’t possibly know as even the guests didn’t know the reason for the evening. Calum paused to talk to the club president and verified their room and arrangements then led Susie to a private room where a dinner was set for eight. Susie looked at Calum eyes wide when she saw that there were ropes hanging from the walls and a spanking bench placed at one end of the table. At the other end was a warming plate containing covered dishes and a crock-pot. Calum put his converted pool cue case on the bench without comment. Calum opened a chilled white wine and then a knock on the door sounded and they went to meet their friends.

First in, holding hands, came an odd pair of women. Teresa was a 28 year old, willowy blonde wearing a severe trouser suit. She had a child of four and had left her husband shortly after for both their benefits. He had been a complete wimp and a waster and lied and cheated constantly. Two years ago she took up with her companion Clarice, a 39 year old with mousie brown hair and a constant weight problem. Clarice had a 10-year-old that luckily got on very well with Teresa’s; Clarice had been abused both by her father and her husband. The husband, a brute who didn’t deserve a gentle teacher of juniors like Clarice, had left her with massive debts that meant she lost her house. Since they got together Teresa had organised everything for both of them, helped Clarice with finance, work and diet, punished her whenever she felt it was needed. Susie had been surprised at first to see the young, slender Teresa with the maturer woman but now realised how perfectly they complimented each other.

No sooner had they kissed cheeks and been seated when their next guests appeared, SirBill and the diminutive elf-like kim. He was a kindly, austere tall man of 44 who was always calm. He led as always the 40 year old kim who walked and talked like a child when in the club. kim had lost her parents at a young age and had brought up a younger sister who had married young and emigrated. She claimed she was now living out the childhood she missed.

After greetings and sharing salutations they sat around and chatted for half an hour, Calum checking his watch to see how late their final guests were. Just as he was about to suggest they start the tardy pair arrived. Vectra led in ricky. Both were computer programmers, Vectra was Ricky’s boss but ricky earned more as he was a genius at game production. Ricky though was a babe when it came to normal life and he thrived under the strict regime inflicted on him by his mistress. Vectra apologised in her usual forthright manner for their lateness and with a significant look at ricky assured all that a certain soppy individual that had been sidetracked by an infernal computer had been shown the error of his ways and by the way could ricky have a cushion. Everyone laughed except ricky who blushed and looked down at his feet.

Eventually everyone was seated, with wine, round the table, Calum at one end and Susie at the end nearest the spanking horse. Calum offered soup, garlic ciabata bread and pate to their guests and Susie. Calum himself took only a small piece of toast and pate. He tapped his fork against a glass and bade his guests carry on eating. He then explained the reason for this lunch, explained Susie’s foolishness as he called it, explained the solution Susie had proposed. Half way through everyone turned and stared at Susie who by now was having second thoughts; her food was as dust in her mouth, her face was flame red and she couldn’t meet anyone’s gaze. Calum went on to say that he and Susie held them all in high regard and would be proud to have them witness this proof of Susie’s credentials as a member.

As Susie would have guessed Teresa was the first to react. She smiled at Susie and said in her opinion those that mattered knew without thought that the couple shared a spanking relationship. But, she said, that if Susie was determined to go through with this, she Teresa had often idly speculated what it would be like to spank Susie’s firm young buttocks and looked forward to witnessing the scene. Clarice nodded, took Susie’s hand and said she sympathised and could understand how she wanted to show to all her commitment to Calum and how lucky she was.

Vectra nodded assertively and told Susie that yes she was being silly but could understand her feelings. She also said that it would be a real treat for her to witness the scene because she often wondered just how hard a spanking Susie received, ricky she said would watch and might learn about fortitude and how not to make so much fuss as he usually did. Even Susie had to smile at Ricky's downcast expression.

As usual SirBill had waited and considered his answer, but before he could speak kimmy turned to him and asked in a little-girl voice if Susie had been naughty and if she was going to be spanked could she watch, could she, could she? Bill smiled indulgently and nodded and said to Calum that he would be honoured to be a witness to such a solemn occasion.

 Calum stated that Susie had asked that he Calum decide the form of her demonstration and now would be given a spanking and then an opportunity to change her mind. If she decided to continue she would not have any more food but would just do as he bid. With that he stood and walked to join Susie at the head of the table, reached for Susie’s hand and helped her to stand facing the spanking horse, her back to her guests. Without meeting anyone’s gaze Susie knew they were staring at her, eagerly taking note of every detail. Susie was nervous, excited, almost sick, bright red with embarrassment and above all terrified her plan would fail and she would let Calum down, diminish him even further.

That night Calum had asked Susie to dress in a skimpy bra and a very thin thong explaining that he could spank her bare bottom but the thong would cover her vagina and spare her modesty. Her shoes were black slippers and she was wearing a very simple long black dress that was split from the tops of her thighs, each side held in place with buttons only the top three of which he had let her fasten.

Now Calum reached for and unfastened the three side buttons and gathered Susie’s skirt and wrapped it around her tucking the loose folds in her waistline at the front. When Susie felt the cool breeze against her naked cheeks she was mortified, thinking that no imagination could have prepared her for this! She focussed her eyes in front of her and kept the thought of herself and Calum at the forefront of her mind. She imagined the eyes of six of her best friends staring at her white cheeks, all of them thinking what they’d like to do to them or wondering what those same white cheeks would look like at the end of the night. Her concentration was broken in no uncertain terms when she felt Calum’s hand land with a sharp SLAP against her right cheek, hard enough to make her yelp and step forward. Calum steadied her and with hands on her shoulders positioned her again and told Susie to put her hands flat on the spanking horse. Six chairs creaked or scraped as all their guests leaned forward as if to get a closer look at the red patch now decorating Susie’s bottom. Susie clamped her mouth shut even as she obeyed half ashamed she had succumbed so easily, knowing she was far worthier than this first smack had shown. When another SLAP landed across her left cheek Susie had prepared and stood quietly, and as Calum smacked her bottom all over the only sound in the room was the rustle of his clothing and the loud reports of his hand landing firmly on different parts of her cheeks. Unconsciously Susie had been counting and when she reached twenty and her bottom was beginning to glow and send heat racing through her he stopped. Moving to her front Calum opened his converted cue case and took out four items; their two-finger leather tawse, the suede flogger and two canes, the thin rattan school cane and the heavy dragon cane. This was Susie’s first hint of what was to come.

Calum moved away and Susie heard his chair scrape as he sat down and all she could do was leave her hands on the spanking horse and stand quietly, not daring to look over her shoulders and meet her friends looks. She stood there with burning cheeks, (bottom and face), as she listened to his words, all the time staring down at the toys Calum had brought.

When Calum had revealed their toys their guests had reacted in different ways depending on their own peculiar likes and dislikes. Teresa had looked consideringly at the canes and at Susie obviously reassessing her previous assumptions. She mentioned to Calum that she had not realised that he and his partner were so seriously into spanking and she was so far impressed with Susie’s good grace and the colour of her bottom. Clarice reached for Teresa’s hand as if for comfort and leaned in close. Teresa smiled, kissed Clarice briefly and whispered that they would have to look for a nice rattan cane. Clarice had blushed looked down and whispered that it would be as Mistress wished. Vectra squeezed Rick’s thigh and said he should learn to take gentle spankings with such good will and should watch and learn. He shook his head in disbelief when Vectra said that if the evening went as well as the hors d’oeuvre that they had witnessed Ricky too could expect a red and stripy bottom later. Kim had become very serious as Susie was spanked, looking every inch the intelligent mature lady she was, but now she shook herself and turned to SirBill and in her little girl persona squeaked “wow Susie is really gonna get it, can I have some popcorn, can I? Can I? SirBill looked at her indulgently, took her onto his lap and told her to be silent and to bear witness as asked.

With  her skirt wrapped and tucked into the front, her bright red bottom on display, her face crimson from the humiliation Susie could only stand and listen. Calum topped up their guests’ glasses and then served them with fragrant rice topped with Thai green curry. Whilst he served and they ate Calum explained what Susie would be expected to accept if she chose to carry on. He proposed that wearing as little clothing as modesty allowed Susie would be flogged all over her body except her bottom, as he wanted it to be almost white because after a rest he intended to use the rattan cane on her bottom. Calum said Susie would receive six strokes of this cane then be allowed to rest before having three strokes across each thigh administered with the tawse. He said her final act of submission would be a punishment for even thinking anything could come between her and Calum except her own foolish imagination, she would receive six strokes of the dragon cane. Standing out front, bare bottom on display Susie listened to her lover’s proposed course of action even as she heard the clinking of cutlery. The surrealism of the moment was not lost on her, a dinner party with a bare bottom victim standing quietly before them. When Calum revealed her flogging Susie was horrified, Calum knew she LOVED the flogger, found it sexually stimulating, knew if she accepted she would have to really concentrate lest her body revealed itself, displayed her lust. Equally she knew she would have to be careful with the rattan cane, she found the sharp electric sting erotic even as she cried. Often Calum would use the cane to stimulate her, run the cane between her legs then deliberately let her watch as he licked her juices off the rattan. Mentally she winced at the thought of the tawse across her thighs, she often accepted it because she knew Calum loved the way she looked with the stripes. When he told the guests the reasoning behind the dragon cane Susie looked down in shame, hot tears springing into her eyes. She had not fully realised how much Calum had been hurt by her doubts about their relationship.

Standing now in misery Susie heard their guests eating and chatting. Over the top of the hum she heard Teresa pass comment that if Calum truly believed Susie would accept this with good grace she was indeed impressed and would be most gratified to watch the decorations appear. Clarice had gasped and said it was too much in public, been hushed by Teresa. Vectra could be heard telling Ricky that Susie was a good friend but this was a side she had not seen before and she thought the idea “delicious.” Kim had completely forgotten her little girl act and now looked like a very thoughtful elf perched on Bill’s lap. SirBill merely expressed approval at the curry. Calum raised his voice above the hubbub and asked for silence. He then spoke to the gathering saying that Susie now had a choice to make. Susie, he said, could now turn and face her guests, apologise for inviting them here under false pretences and join the dinner party, or she could turn and face them, remove her dress and shoes and ask them all politely to bear witness to her chastisement. The whole room went silent, waiting.

For her part, as soon as Calum had revealed his hurt at her attitude Susie knew there was no decision to make. She merely breathed in and out a few times to gather her courage before reaching for her dress and tugging it from her waistband letting it fall free to cover her still pink bottom. She turned to face the table, looked over the top of their heads, not confident enough to meet their eyes and silently reached up with both hands to opposite shoulders and pushed the straps free. The dress was heavy enough to slide down and pool at her feet revealing Susie naked but for the skimpiest bra and a narrow thong. She stepped from her shoes and then spoke softly, shyly with a catch in her throat.

“Thank you all for coming,” she said. “For some time before we became an item I know Calum was respected in our community as a disciplinarian and a Dom, perhaps a Master. Since we have been together we have enjoyed a spanking relationship in private and this had led to rumours and innuendos about Calum. He was totally untroubled by them but I was silly, I couldn’t let them go. I see now how totally unnecessary this evening was, but because of my insulting behaviour regarding my doubt in the strength of our relationship I see now it has become more necessary than ever. I should not have questioned it but I did, now let me dispel once and for all any rumours innuendos and let me apologise in this way to you Calum, I am sorry, very sorry, please continue with this lesson I so richly deserve.”

For once SirBill responded first with an involuntary well said escaping his lips. Vectra looked at Teresa and opined that now it had become a personal issue between the young loves and perhaps they should all leave. Teresa contrived to look disappointed at the same time she nodded acquiescence. Kim nodded full agreement as did Rick whom for once stepped out of character and revealed his true intellect. He agreed and said this had gone beyond play.

Susie didn’t know where it came from but she found the courage to raise her voice. “Please my friends, we are here. Yes it has gone beyond the original intention but the action has not changed. You came in good faith and I’d like you to stay.” She smiled weakly and continued, “If my bottom’s going to be red raw anyway we may as well carry on and prove Calum is still the best.” Clarice and Rick shook their heads, Bill, Teresa and Vectra nodded approvingly and Vectra hammed it up by rubbing her hands together and saying briskly, “it’s ShowTime!”

Susie’s heart melted and she thought the whole evening would be worth it just to see the nod of respect and approval Calum gave her over the top of the guests heads. The fact only she saw it mattered not anymore, she now knew it was only what the two of them thought and knew that mattered. Calum, looking every inch the Master approached Susie and taking a rope from the wall and Susie’s left hand he raised it and had Susie grasp the ring loosely, he repeated this with her right hand so she was now in a crucifix position. “You will stay in place without restraint simply because I want it,” he said firmly. Susie knew this was an act for their guests, she had never needed restraints for a spanking, and good grief she loved them, craved for them sometimes. If she needed rest or to stop she merely said so. Calum stretched two ropes from the base of the wall and had Susie step into the ankle rings but didn’t tighten them, just adjusted the length of rope so Susie’s legs would remain thirty inches apart. Arms and legs akimbo, feeling so exposed Susie waited, keeping still, hiding her nerves, her face betraying her embarrassment. She saw Calum pick up the flogger and approach her, felt it flick over her shoulder, felt it drawn slowly over her shoulder down over her breasts, then again and again. Calum moved behind her and drew the flogger over her shoulders, down her back. Susie wanted to scream that this was not fair. Her body was responding, she wanted to beg for the kiss of the flogger but had to remain silent and stoic for Calum’s sake. When she felt the first sweet thud across her shoulders Susie sagged with relief then forced herself to stiffen up. As he flicked her shoulders, her ribs, wrapping it round onto her stomach, her neck, the back of her thighs her calves, her inner thighs Susie felt her whole body coming alive. Calum moved around her, flicking the strands continuously against her flesh, rapidly, gently, sometimes a little harder eliciting a soft gasp, covering all her body. He took her hair and bent her head back (something he knew she loved), so he could safely flog her chest and neck and breasts from behind, over her shoulders. He never touched her bottom with the flogger but did flick it through her legs a number of times, wrapping the flogger round her vagina, the ends slapping against her groin and lower belly. Susie felt herself drowning in the sheer ecstasy of the moment felt her body starting to betray her and had to concentrate on what the guests must think, on what she’d feel if her juices began to run and revealed her shameful wantonness. Susie was vaguely aware of comments, mainly from Teresa and Vectra, about Calum’s technique, complimenting him on his rhythm, aim and attention to detail. She heard Teresa tell Clarice she thought Susie enjoyed the flogger almost as much as she did. Clarice’s reply was lost as Susie felt herself sinking again. She began to breathe deeply in through her nose and out through her mouth, determined now not to let her body humiliate her more than it had to. When every square inch of her body was alive and tingling the flogger slowed and stopped, leaving Susie sagging against the ropes, breathless, feeling hungry for more. She sensed Calum moving away, heard him pour wine and sit down.

Through the haze of feeling and emotion and effort to appear not turned on Susie heard Teresa and Vectra praising Calum, heard Teresa ask if it would be rude to walk round Susie and examine her more closely. She had laughed and promised not to seduce her as she had her own true love, Clarice. Out of her sight Calum had nodded and waved and Susie suddenly became aware of Vectra and Teresa in front of her, side by side, sipping wine and peering at her chest, breasts and stomach.

“Hmmm,” said Vectra, “I love the way the thin red lines have pink edges that join together, and the whole area becomes pink.” Teresa nodded and stroked Susie’s cheek softly with the back of her hand saying, “well done you, courage dear girl you are performing most excellently, he will be so proud.”

Susie looked into her friends face, a friend she knew as a lesbian but one who had shared much with her. Teresa had supplied tea and advice in her kitchen. Tea served by Clarice of course, she had helped with college work, given Susie some very nice scarves and other accessories. Vectra had upgraded Susie’s computer, improved it no end, her sub, Ricky had made her a gift of an old but very good laptop, a scanner and printer. Now Susie was hanging between two ropes and being examined by her friends as if she was an object of exotic interest! Confused Susie could only straighten and look straight ahead, try to ignore their friendship for now.

Teresa smiled slyly and tugged at the bra strap between Susie’s breasts and called over Susie’s shoulder to Calum “you know this has robbed her of the delight of having her nipples and the tips of her breasts properly flogged. Should I take this ridiculous thing off and have me and Vectra do it for you?”

While Susie wholeheartedly agreed that she had missed out she didn’t want him to agree, she knew if her nipples were flogged there would be a serious risk of juices flowing if not an involuntary orgasm. She closed her eyes only opening them when she heard Calum say that would not be necessary he was quite capable of deciding Susie’s fate. She saw Vectra and Teresa exchange glances and smirk when Teresa winked at Susie! Somehow Susie found the fortitude to stand quietly as the pair of ladies walked round her and examined various parts of her anatomy as they sipped wine and passed comments. The sound of dishes being cleared and put in the bottom cupboard could be heard; then once more silence descended as Calum spoke loud enough for all to hear.

He invited the two Dommes to regain their seats and said it was time for Susie to be caned before they had desert, both the caning and the desert would be a real treat he hoped. Again the unreality of the situation hit Susie, she was almost naked, hanging from ropes with her legs spread, only a thin thong protecting her from lewd glances and they were dressed casual but smart, snacking and watching the show!

She felt Calum help her step clear of the spreader and run his hands from her ankles up her legs and over her waist, her back along her arms to take the rings from her fingers and put her hands to her sides. He eased Susie towards the spanking bench, removed the canes and the tawse and helped Susie stand on the box in front of the bench. When he told her to Susie bent from the waist, her stomach folding over the leather saddle and reached for the bracing bar two thirds of the way down the legs on the opposite side. Her hips were just on the leading edge which had the effect of presenting her bottom slightly angled not quite vertical. Susie’s body was beyond control, knowing what was to come her body was already releasing juice, such was her passion for the rattan cane. No matter how much Susie thought of the audience, how embarrassing this was her body still knew what was coming and was preparing for release. Susie felt Calum remove the box from under her feet, felt her legs pull her bottom tight. Most of the weight was supported by her hips and stomach, her arms merely ensured she didn’t slide. Keeping her legs together Susie felt cool air over her body, knew her friends were watching but couldn’t do anything other than lay there, bare bottom waiting eagerly for the kiss of the cane. She heard the unmistakable whistle as Calum flicked the cane through the air with his wrist, felt her stomach lurch, and begged her body not to become so passionate the juice that was dampening the thong ran down her legs. Little did she know that from behind she presented the perfect picture of a victim. She was perfectly presented for a severe caning, bottom high, level with Calum’s waist no means of escape because her legs were off the floor. Calum moved to her left so when the cane touched her naked flesh making her flinch his arm was straight out in front of his shoulder. He took the cane from her bottom and whipped it up and down twice making that whistle again, making clarice, kim and ricky wince, bringing a smile to SirBill’s face and a look of lust to Vectra and Teresa.

Again the cane was placed across the top of Susie’s bare cheeks, then again it was removed and whipped up and down. Susie lay quietly, made edgy by the sounds but knowing Calum would alert her to be ready by two soft taps against his target area. The audience not knowing this were on the edge of their seats with tension.

Once more the cane was placed, Susie felt a double tap and took a quick breath and held it, she heard a soft whistle and felt an impact right across the top of both cheeks. For a moment it was as if a current had been passed along the line of the cane’s cut, then the sting exploded across her cheeks! The held breath was forced from Susie’s lungs in a gasp of exultation, why she had no idea, but this sharp pain was like a cleaning agent for her, it cleared her mind of everything except her bottom and her vagina, nothing else existed. As one the audience released their collective breath as the cane landed and a white line edged with red appeared across Susie’s bottom. Experience had taught Susie how to take inside herself the pain and pleasure and remain still to help Calum perform his artistry, and this she did again as he held the cane an inch above the crease at the top of her thigh. Again and yet again Calum removed the cane and made it whistle for the mesmerised onlookers. He knew how to put on a show and he knew how much Susie loved the enforced waiting and anticipation. When she felt the double tap Susie again held her breath so there would be no movement and heard the whistle and the crack as the rattan landed across both cheeks. Again Susie gasped out, her left leg bent and straightened involuntarily as the shock of having the most sensitive area punished hit her. Other than that she remained still, after the second cut concentrating on her position and her breathing. Susie mentally nodded to herself as she felt the rattan placed an inch below the first cut, he was working outside in so she knew the fifth cut would be across the middle, knew from past experience how it would be. She felt the weal raising from the first cut, felt the burning from the second cut and knew the flesh there would be lifting soon to match the first. Meanwhile the cane was being made to whistle, tapped her twice and just in time she held her breath as the third cut landed, her gasp was almost a moan this time as the pain even though it did excite her made itself felt.

The six invited witnesses were motionless as they gazed on the spectacle before them. There good friend Susie was now Susie the spankee who was taking gracefully a very firm spanking indeed and this was just the beginning! Two of the females were squirming, pressing their thighs together unconsciously, SirBill’s hand was stroking Kim's bottom as if he was wondering about later.

Susie lay still as the cane made it’s song before each double tap heralded a final whistle and crack as it kissed her now striped cheeks. Twice more it landed so that there were now five parallel weals across Susie’s bottom, raised flesh red and angry looking that made her whole bottom feel as though it was on fire. The same fire fuelled her lust but she remained steady by an act of will.

Calum, ignoring the audience knelt next to Susie and put the cane against her bottom again. His position angled the cane so it spread from her lower left cheek to her upper right cheek and if used like this would obviously cut across each of the five weals. Susie felt the cane positioned exactly as she knew it would be, indeed she had seen pictures of the pattern Calum loved so much. She began to breathe deeper as Calum lifted the cane and made it whistle for the audience. When the cane was tapped across her bottom twice Susie ignored the pain made on each tender weal and held a deep breath. Calum lifted the cane and snapped it down with lots of wrist making the cane wrap the contours of her cheeks and cover every weal. Susie gasped in pain and exultation, both hurt and proud at the same time. She gloried in the heat and the knowledge of how much she pleased him. This was not punishment to her, this was what she was made for! She forced herself to lay still and take deep calming breaths to quietly enjoy the blaze in her bottom.

The six witnesses shook themselves and began to breathe again as SirBill exclaimed ‘Oh bravo, bravo, I say, well done.” Susie couldn’t tell who was talking there was just a general buzz. She heard someone compliment Calum on his technique, someone else said it was the best gate ever seen. Calum accepted the praise modestly and somehow acted normally by handing out servings of gateaux to their guests saying they should have dessert before Susie took her strapping. He topped up wine glasses, opened another bottle of wine, acted the good host while all the while Susie laid across the spanking horse, bare bottom decorated with six red and angry weals for all to see. Susie heard the clink of spoons, lay there in her pain and paradise, then she felt fingers tracing the weals, two different fingers. She winced and heard Kim giggle “your mistress is going to get one of them.” Clarice’s voice had replied soberly that if that is what her mistress wanted then she would, like Susie be happy to serve as a canvass. She felt their hands move instantly away when Vectra asked what they thought they were doing annoying Susie like that. Teresa walked in front of Susie and lifted her head by her hair and smiled into Susie’s eyes. “You really do like to be spanked don’t you? I cannot see the evidence but I can smell it, Clarice smells the same when I spank her for pleasure. Mind you Clarice would not smell like you after this caning, I think you might be a bit of a pain slut, but that’s fine for Calum, he can have lots of fun.” Susie blushed crimson at the words even as Teresa laughed and released her head and wandered back for more wine. As the blaze in her bottom subsided to an all over burning Susie became aware that the sounds of eating had subsided and now they were discussing her as though she wasn’t here! Susie realised through her anger that most of the conversation was praise for both of them and her mood became one of pride and determination that she would earn their total respect and that there appreciation of Calum would be complete.

The guests knew now to be quiet as soon as Calum tapped his glass. He proposed that Susie should now be strapped because he would be partaking of the next course as he had an affinity for cheese and was hungry. This caused some ribald comments about too many appetites and that the strap should make Susie sing for his supper. Susie had not yet got used to being spanked in public but did feel a growing confidence she could perform in such a manner as to please everyone, herself included. But for her she knew the next part would be hard, how she hated the tawse across the back of her thighs, even as she always agreed to it because Calum loved the pattern.

With the natural skill of a showman Calum kept the tension rising by picking up the two-finger tawse in sight of Susie and making a show of cleaning it, even finding an imaginary blemish to polish out. Then he slowly ran the tawse through his fingers all the time smiling into Susie’s eyes as though they were alone. Susie smiled back through her tears, tears forced from her by the love he let shine through. He lifted the tawse and snapped it down with a resounding crack next to her on the leather saddle, then again on the other side. The effect on the audience was instantaneous, again there was a subtle movement in the direction of Susie’s prostrate body. Susie sensed this, felt her heart beating uncontrollably as Calum moved to stand at her left side the tawse over his right shoulder. “Prepare yourself Susie,” was all he said in a clear firm tone. Susie took two deep breaths and whispered “Ready thank you Sir.”

As Susie knew from experience Calum acted as soon as she finished speaking. The tawse was whipped smartly down across the top of her left thigh. Susie couldn’t help herself, a soft yell was forced from her mouth by the sharp intense pain that instantly engulfed her leg where the tawse landed. Before she had fully recovered and drawn breath the tawse was whipped down across the middle of her left thigh. “OUCH SHIT DAMNIT” she breathed out hoarsely before she realised what she was doing.

Susie’s sub friends winced in sympathy as the tawse landed, Vectra, Teresa and Bill just looked on with bated breath enjoying the wonderful drama being played out for them. To them the two broad strap lines now decorating Susie’s thighs were things of beauty. All eyes looked quizzically at Calum as he froze with the tawse on his right shoulder after the second stroke.

Susie knew though, knew Calum was waiting for her to let him know it was still OK, that she was still a willing partner. She also wanted to demonstrate to her friends that Calum was still the man they remembered. “Sorry for my language Sir,” she breathed, please repeat that stroke.”

Kim and Clarice’s mouths dropped open at such a foolish request, they would have been begging for mercy by now! Calum nodded and whipped the tawse down on almost the same place as the previous stroke. Even across the spanking horse Susie’s body arched, her legs kicked up together and her groan of pain came from the depths of her soul. Teresa and Vectra looked at each other eyebrows raised, nodded in unison and turned to face the scene being played out before them. No longer did Susie feel erotic, now her thighs were on fire and tears were running down her face. She managed to still her body, which let Calum whip the tawse down across her left thigh just above the knee. She tried to stifle her scream with clenched teeth but it was forced out as a high pitched hiss. The subs were now looking distinctly uncomfortable, Bill looked detached and the two Dommes were re assessing Susie yet again, wondering if she could endure the whole of her punishment. Calum meanwhile moved to Susie’s front and lifted her head by loosely grasping her hair. He smiled into her eyes, leaned forward, and when her head hid his lips from their guests mouthed the words “Love You” and then kissed her lips, kissed tears from her face, stood and moved to Susie’s right. Dangling from the spanking horse, bottom on fire, three stripes (the middle broader than the others) across her left thigh causing her such distress, Susie was in heaven! Even as she sobbed she held the picture of Calum in front of her, seeing his eyes and the love. She could do anything for his pleasure! Closing her eyes tight she then opened them and focussed on a spot on the wall opposite, determined her mind would separate from her body so her body would not betray her lover.

Calum lifted the strap onto his left shoulder and smartly brought it down on the top of Susie’s right thigh, Susie screamed softly but remained calm, again the tawse rose and fell, the sound echoing through the silent room, Susie twitched and screamed but otherwise remained still. As the last stroke of the tawse landed she could hold it no longer, she squealed her anguish, her body bucked but she remained in place on the spanking bench. She held one thought through her pain and tears, she had done his bidding, she was worthy! Her body began to shiver in reaction to the shock and pain.

As one the six witnesses had stood and eased forward to stare at the sorry figure before them. Susie was trembling enough for them all to see. Her thighs were both striped now and her bottom still showed the six angry weals from the cane. The girl subs were staring in awe at the girl they knew as a happy, staunch friend who was always willing to help within her limited means as a student. They had no idea that Susie was capable of such bravery, they were amazed that she could submit to this willingly, there was a little jealousy but mostly pride that she was their friend. One female Domme was measuring Susie’s reaction and thinking she’s like to replace her with her own sub and inflict the same decorations before making love! The other Domme was cuddling her own sub but imagining how she would console and praise her after such a scene.

Calum almost unnoticed had put away the rattan cane the tawse and the flogger and now called for his guests to settle down again. As they did as he bid Calum replaced the box under Susie’s feet and helped her from the spanking bench admonishing her not to rub even as he felt her trembling in his arms. “Hands behind your head Susie,” he said even as he put his hand on her belly and eased her forward with his other hand on the back of her head. Susie found herself again bent over but now with her forehead and elbows resting on the leather saddle. She continued to sob quietly and kick her leg occasionally to try ease the searing pain in her thighs. Through her pain she heard Calum serving cheese and biscuits, discussing the relative merits of brie, cheddar and other cheeses. Even in her position and in pain Susie couldn’t help a half laugh from coming from herself with a sob as she realised they decided that Stilton was the king of the cheeses.

Slowly her body settled and she was again aware of the tingle all over her body, the blaze that was her bottom, the tawse marks were now just individual lines of pain. Seeking inner calm again Susie let her head rest on the saddle, breathed slowly and steadily and tried to ignore the fact that her bare body was on display and that most present had enjoyed her cries and discomfort, people she still held to be friends. The irony was not lost on Susie, she knew their relationship had changed but she was certain that if anything their friendship had been strengthened. Soon Susie became eager for the last chapter to be played out. Meanwhile the talk around the table had once more taken, for Susie, an embarrassing turn as they again began to discuss her performance, her marks, her cries and tears, her bravery at asking for her mistake to be corrected with another sweet stroke.

The pungent smell of coffee drifted across Susie’s nose after Calum opened the flasks and served their guests. “Stand Susie” she heard Calum say, “Now step away from the bench,” he continued as she obeyed, “grasp your ankles, you know the rules, I expect to be thanked for my efforts.”

Susie was grateful for his words, pleased they were almost done, emotionally if not physically she was almost spent. She eased herself forward, sliding her hands down her thighs and shins to grasp her ankles, knowing six pairs of eyes followed her every move but unaware of how they admired her grace and strength. Susie was well versed in the rules, her hands must not break contact with her ankles or shins, must not rise to the knee. Because this was her second caning of the night the thanking was so she could control the timing, would only receive the next when she was ready. Most present were aware of this as they had been in the same place, albeit perhaps on the other end of the cane! Now Susie concentrated on a pattern on the carpet about three feet in front of her feet. Her legs were straight, her bottom pertly offered, the six weals stood starkly out against her cheeks, her thighs were red striped from the tawse, she was content. She had been caned like this before, knew she would cry out, tears would flow, but tears of release and joy as well as pain. Without realising it she caused her guests to smile or titter as her bottom wriggled in unconscious invitation. She saw Calum’s feet pass by and return as he moved to pick up the cane and stand to her left. The heavier dragon cane made a whooshing sound rather than a whistle when he whipped it through the air.

“Honoured guests,” Calum addressed the audience. “Susie elected to receive her spanking in a silly attempt to prove something about my Domliness for want of a better word. It is my firm belief she has demonstrated a loyalty and commitment that no one can question. Now she will receive six final strokes to remind her that there is never a reason to question ourselves, we shall always be together.” Susie felt burning tears spring to her eyes at his words, she was so ashamed of herself, but she was also feeling a deep pride somewhere that she had shown others how strong they made each other. Now she just wanted her caning!

Calum taped the top of Susie’s bottom with the dragon cane, lifted it, made it sing it’s whooshing song, tapped once more, whipped it up and down once more for the audience, seeing their eyes bouncing between Susie’s bare form and the cane. Then he tapped Susie’s bottom twice, lifted the cane, hesitated to make sure of his aim and brought it down with a whoosh and a crack against Susie’s cheeks. Susie hissed her pain, clutched her ankles, dug her nails in. Two subs jumped, startled at the sound, looked agog at the broad white stripe on Susie’s bottom that even now was turning into a long slender bruise, beginning to suffuse with the top weal. Susie fought to ease her breathing, accepted the pain and fire and whispered clearly “One thank you Sir, may I have the next one please.” Calum had been flicking the cane up and down and now tapped Susie’s cheeks twice and then lifted the cane and again brought it down sharply. Susie couldn’t stifle her yelp, her body arched and her hands slid an inch or two off her ankles, she forced herself back down and in annoyance at herself immediately said. "Two thank you Sir, may I have another?" perhaps a little early as her bottom received another harsh stroke, a stroke that crossed a weal from the rattan! Hurt too much to scream Susie dug her fingers deep into her ankles even as she groaned in agony at the crossed strokes. Tears began to flow, her sinuses loosened and she had to sniffle to prevent herself dripping on the floor. The heavier cane was making a deeper cracking sound, not stinging as much as the thin rattan but hurting more as it drove deep into the muscles of her bottom. Two subs were holding hands, the Dom/mes were transfixed by the show being put on for them. They had seen harder beatings but had just not imagined their friend Susie would be able to take such a one let alone request one! They watched as the cane was lifted and brought down three more times, each time excited to hear the crack, see the white line appear and turn to a thin bruise. When the fifth stroke again landed across a previous weal causing Susie to scream they willed her not to let go of her legs, nodded approval when she succeeded in obeying the rules. Her soft voice thanking Calum and asking politely for the next stroke was music to their ears.

Susie endured each stroke with more and more confidence, the pain and her tears didn’t matter anymore, she had entered a place in space that was hers alone! Her heart and mind soared as the thud of the cane drove more pain and heat through her battered bottom, she flew on the waves of pain that were now pure unadulterated pleasure. When the last stroke landed she shouted “Thank you Sir,” in sheer exuberance as a release for all the emotion bottled up inside her. She became aware through her haze of pleasure that people were clapping and cheering and realised it was her friends. Calum held his hands up and ushered those that wanted to move forward and congratulate her back. Susie was made to remain in place while Calum and their invited witnesses shared coffee and idly discussed the punishment, its’ effect on Susie, how lovely she looked with bruises and cane marks.

Susie was happy now to remain in place, no longer troubled by what she knew her friends could see. She was proud of the marks she now bore for her lover, indeed she could feel the juices beginning to gather again, wanted Calum’s body now. Why spanking was an aphrodisiac for her she neither knew nor cared, just eagerly made use of it! She was vaguely aware of the nagging pain in her backside, knew she would be stiff when she stood, would feel sore for a couple of days and it would take a week at least for the marks to fade. This last thought caused a pout to briefly appear as she thought of a week without spanking. Maybe Calum would flog her breasts she thought having been denied that pleasure tonight.

At last Calum came to her, helped her stand, steadied her when the ache made her stumble, gathered her in his arms. For some reason this made Susie begin to cry all over again, safe and happy in her lover’s arms she cried even as her closest friends gathered round, stroked her shoulders and competed to heap praise on her. Susie was allowed to put on her dress again and led to the table, making her friends giggle as she winced when she took her seat. A glass of wine was put before her, seven glasses were raised in toast to her even as she gulped thirstily the chilled wine. She looked round seeing the approbation in all the faces smiling at her and told them all clearly how grateful she was. They stayed in the private room for another two hours, chatting, talking, discussing spankings, how to best raise the tension, how to best tease a sub. Susie was as high as a kite, it was for her better than any drug could be. Her speech was animated, too fast, words poured out of her so quickly Calum had to cuddle her and stroke her and bring her down to low cloud level. It would be hours before she came down to earth. Teresa and clarice whispered together and Teresa announced that she was going to purchase a rattan cane at Clarice’s request and they would practise with it. Clarice blushed shyly and told Susie she was so humbled by Susie’s sharing of this most intimate act she would like to invite the same group to witness her being caned in one months time. When everyone enthused over the idea she hastened to add it would only be a caning with the rattan cane not anything as heavy as tonight. Teresa leaned over and took Clarice’s ear between her finger and thumb, tugged and said, “You’ll take a spanking over my knee like a good girl before you go over the bench my little sweetheart.”

Clarice had coloured even more, looked down even as they caught a secret smile as she murmured her agreement. Kim not to be out done said that as it was apparently derigeur for this new little circle she had best ask SirBill for a public paddling the next week. She assured them that as a good girl she was never ever caned. Everyone present could see beyond the little girl act and knew what the sentiment meant. Kim wanted to reciprocate the trust shown by each of her girlfriends. Ricky coughed and somewhat diffidently declared that his mistress would decide when and if his chastisement would be shared. Vectra fixed a gimlet eye on him, waited for him to drop his gaze then informed him he would be the centre of attention in two weeks time, after young Kimy.

Their meal finished they hugged and kissed with a new warmth and bond. Susie proudly walked out arm in arm with Calum, limping just a little. She saw people nudge and point, realised her friends must have let slip a little of what had occurred when they used the rest rooms. Strangely now their opinions now mattered not at all, Calum was right, they mattered not to them. She received praise warmly from people who she knew to be honest, to others she was distantly polite. Still though for the remaining time they spent in the public room Susie continued to float on air.

From that day their spanking circle as they called it was born. They met regularly, sometimes booked a private room for holidays and for spankings they would all witness. Susie only received spankings in front of the circle if she had made an error in public, in her mind a public apology.

A week later Susie accepted Calum’s proposal of marriage.

They celebrated with a spanking that lasted well into the night.

The End © Karla

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