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What's Bioinformatics ?!?!

Bioinformatics is a method to predict the possible outcome of biological problems




Collection of Bioinformatics Tools


Collection of Biological Databases


List of Universities offering Bioinformatics Courses


List of universitites offering Bioinformatics Courses all over the world


List of Bioinformatics Companies


Some Important Definitions in Bioinformatics


Useful Bioinformatics Notes.

WHO we Are ?

Its About us

Perl for Bioinformatics

Why ? How? Do we need Perl.

Linux for Bioinformatics

Why ? How Do we need Linux.?

Different Bioinformatics Fields

What are all the Other Fields in Bioinformatics.


List of Symposiums.

Need a Help in Bioinformatics ?

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Why Perl?

Perl is the preferred programming language in the Bioinformatics field. String Processing (sequence analysis, database management). Best for CGI-programming. Easy to learn and write. Availability of Perl modules for Bioinformatics and Internet. Some tasks are still better done with other languages (heavy computations / graphics). With perl you can write simple programs fast, but on the other hand it is also suitable for large and complex programs.


The Quries we think we can do a programming help !!! Plz contact us for all answers for these Quries and new quries also!!!

  • How to Run Perl Program in linux ?
  • How to use UNIX scripts in Perl?
  • How to Run BLAST using Perl Script(Completely Automated) ?
  • How to Set up database for BLAST ?
  • How to Parse the BLAST Output ? or How to Organise the BLAST output ?
  • How to do BLAST against Multiple Genomes ?
  • How to take Coding sequences from Genomes ?
  • How to take NonCoding Sequences from Genomes ?
  • How to Retrieve the desired sequences from databases ?
  • How to find PATTERNS using BLAST package ?
  • How to find Orthologus using BLAST package ?
  • How to Download the Genomes Automatically from NCBI ?
  • How to Install CLUSTALW in Linux ?
  • How to Take Gene Seqs from GenBank files(Automated) ?
  • How to find Clusters of MOTIFS in Genomes ?
  • How to run CGI Perl in Linux ?
  • How to sort a file using Perl?
  • How to compare two files in Perl ?
  • How to convert PDB file to Seqence File ?
  • How to retrieve All the transcripts of gene from GenBank file ?

If you have anyother Queries you can contact us !!!! If you need a small programs , we can send it to you within a day with full description !!!

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