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What's Bioinformatics ?!?!

Bioinformatics is a method to predict the possible outcome of biological problems




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Why is This ?

We aim to help the people who are planning to start their career in Bioinformatics, who have just started their career in Bioinformatics and who are working on Bioinformatics.

What's Bioinformatics ?

Bioinformatics is a method to predict the possible outcome of biological problems or Bioinformatics is a tool to solve Biological problems using information technology.

Bioinformatics involves the use of techniques including applied informatics, statistics, computer science, chemistry and biochemistry to solve biological problems. There are two main fileds in Bioinformatics One is Proteomics and the another one is Genomics. Proteomics deals with amino acid sequences and protein structures. Genomics deals with nucleotide sequences, genes and genomes.

Bioinformatics is a rapidly growing field both in research and commercial ways. The reason behind this growth is the prediction of possible outcome of a experiment before we go for experimental level. So, we can decrease the error rate by bioinformatics. Thousands of Online servers and softwares are available for bioinformatics and enormous amount of Data is been produced from experiments. Bioinformatics needs both software engineers to develop algorithm and it needs Biologists to analyse the data.

What is the whole idea behind Bioinformatics ?

Predicting the Possible outcome of a biological problems from EXISTING RESULTS.


The One who is good in Biology, Computer Science and Statistics can be called a Bioinformatician.

Whats the qualification needed for Bioinformatics ?

Interest in doing Bioinformatics. If you love Bioinformatics, it is better.

Whats the scope for Bioinformatics People ?

If you decide to go for research go for Ph.D or if you need money go for companies. But companies need mostly IT based Bioinformaticians.

How to get a Ph.D admission ?

There are very few premier institutes offering Ph.D in Bioinformatics in india. But the competetion is very high. Infact getting admission in Abroad is easier than India. US univeristies need GOOD GRE and TOEFL scores and it will take 5 years to finish. But most of the Europran universities don't need GRE and TOEFL.

What is the Application procedure for Ph.D programs ?

For US you have to apply through proper channels. You have to fill the application with GRE ,TOEFL scores and you need minimum three GOOD reference letters from your scientific or academic supervisors. Universities will charge you the cost for the application.

But there are two ways to apply for European universities. First one is you have to send your application form formally to the university with two to three good reference letters and research proposal. Application is free. There are many online applications that you have to fill and submit it online. Some of the Institutes will invite you directly for the interview and they will pay everything for you. The second one is to contact the Professors personally through e-mail. If they are interested in your profile, you will have a telephonic interview and based on the performance they will select you.

What about the external fundings for Ph.D in Abroad ?

If you get Ph.D admission, you can apply for External fundings for your Ph.D. There are many funding agencies there in Europe.

What about the Job Opportunities in Bioinformatics ?

There are hundreds of companies in India recruiting people for Bioinformatics. But most of them are for Software development. Most of the Companies need people who know Software and who know or can understand biology. You must know atleast two languages (Perl, Java, C, C++, Python and Linux) to do Bioinformatics.

What do Bioinformatics companies expect ?

Bioinformatics companies are expecting People who are good in Biology and Computer Science. If you are a dortorate you can join as group leader or Scientist in Bioinformatics companies.

Why should Bioinformaticians know programming ?

There are many softwares for many biological applications. But Biology has and will create millions of small applications when we work. So we should know programming to solve these small problems.







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