Four Kids From Southpark(c)

by nANCI mEEK 6/98 to the tune "Leader of the Pack"

IS she really gonna watch it tonight? Well there she is let's ask her.. Nanci, are you watching South Park tonight? (NANCI: Uh huh!) Gee it must be funny. Is that the cartoon where the 3rd graders swear? (NANCI: Uh huh!) How'd you find 'em?

I found 'em on channel 64, Channel surfing you get cable?

Yes, we do.

That's when I fell for the four kids from Southpark

No necks and faces so cute and round (round round)

Dressed up in snowsuits made out of down (Southpark's the name of their sleepy little town)

Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat , Chef T's the coolest, Eric kicks ass

They have NO necks, the Four Kids From Southpark

I'm crazy for Kyle and Kenny and Stan

There gay dog and Eric Cart-man (Eric the Fat ass, the Fat Ass Cartman)

The bus driver's always mad, and who the hell is Eric's Dad?

I'll always love them, the Four Kids From Southpark

Spoken: Kenny and Kyle were installing ceiling fans, they say the Nurse with the dead fetus attached to her head, Wendy said Hi...Stan puked his cheesy puffs, in walked the Nurse with a dead fetus on her head, Cartman tripped - Mr. Hankey flew in the air, Kyle got out of the way.............I knew it was over for Kenny (No no no no no noooo)

Mr. Hankey hit the fan! (Look out look out look out! You Bastards!)

I felt so helpless what could I do?

Those bastards killed Kenny with the Christmas Pooh

Stop killing Kenny it's so unfair

Comedy Central needs a 40 share

I'll always love them, the Four Kids From Southpark

(Pooh! Kenny's dead Hankey is pooh; Pooh! Kenny's dead, Hankey is pooh; )FADE


Any use of this material without authors permission forbidden, to do otherwise would warrant a visit from my cousin Frankie"I swear it wasn't me who did it" Fallone. He just ended a relationship with Bea Arthur. He's not very happy! He really loved that kooky chick.

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