Charlton Heston Rest in Peace 4/5/08

" if you look at
it again it clearly says
gun not gub"
Woody Allen from
Take The Money And Run

Charlton Heston and the NRA

Are You A Member, of NRA?

by nANCI mEEK 6/98
(to the tune "Return to Sender")

They just elected Chuckie Heston to run the NRA
If you're a commie pinko lefto - better kneel down and pray
(Let's shoot his toupee)

Are you a member?  Of the NRA?
You in High School?  Sign up today.
A gun is handy, when lovers spat!
Tell him you're sorry with a few rounds to his back!

Everyone knows Chuckie Heston - A big Celebrity!

Drove a chariot in Ben Hur and parted the Red Sea!
(Let's shoot his toupee!)

Are you a member?  Of the NRA?
You wear diapers?  Or a toupee?
20,000 kids killed each year
Playin' with Daddy's gun and drinkin' all his beer!
(Let's shoot his toupee!)

I'd like to shoot his toupee myself and tell him it's a wrap!
Pass a bill!  Thou shalt not kill!
And take our country back

Potty trained?  Sign up today!
What makes Heston an Expert? He's had some bombs!
So who put this guy in charge of our "right to bear arms"?


KAYLA DIALLO /user/gun.gifNRA

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