Leslie Hunting Tartan: With Leslie being the family name my husband thought it would be nice if I could someday weave the family tartan.  After researching the Leslie Tartans I finaly came across a place that gave to sett for the tartans and I was on my way (July 2001)

There are two different tartans listed to the Leslie Clan.  One being the
Hunting tartan which is mainly green and blue.  The Dress tartan composed of mainly red and blue.  I chose the Hunting tartan and woven them for my husband and father-in-law for Christmas 2001 in acrylic yarn.

This was quite a fun project, however after making three (3) blankets (43"x 80" plus fringework) I was getting quite tired of color changes.

In late August 2001 I took this tartan along with my Chenille Throw to the County Fair and won Judge's Choice (1st place) in my class.  Doing this tartan was an enlightening experience and I suggest any weaver with a Scottish heritage do some research and weave their family tartan.
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Notice: Lately I have had many inquiries about tartans.  Yes I do sell these, but usually as a throw/blanket.   One done in acrylic, same as above  (approx. 43" x 80") runs $220 plus shipping.  If you would like one done in wool please e-mail me for a quote as the wool is a more costly material.

If you desire another size please give me the mesurements and I will quote you.  Please keep in mind the maximum width I can weave is 42"-44" wide.  My loom is 45" wide, but some draw-in does occur during the weaving process.

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