DARK ROSE: FEEDIN’ & BREEDIN’ is one of the better micro budget, shot-on-video, vampire flicks out there.   ---Douglas Waltz, CULT CUTS MAGAZINE

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Dark Rose contains :

Adult Language

Adult Situations



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A Small Budget Video Had Werewolves and Vampires Fighting for Centuries since the mid-1990s

And yes, werewolves can be sexy too!

Riverdale, NY---The centuries-old battle between werewolves and vampires began long before Underworld. Independent film maker Jason Liquori created Dark Rose on line in the mid 1990s. This werewolf has a beef with a vampire clan and she chases them through the centuries to avenge her family.

            As Dark Rose fans grew, Liquori decided to follow his dream and turn the unusual heroine into a feature, Dark Rose: Feedin’ and Breedin(1997). It premiered in Riverdale, NY, at his alma mater, the College of Mount Saint Vincent, and has been selling video copies on line ever since.

            “Contrary to recent comments about sex appeal, werewolves can be sexy too,” quips the New York native Liquori. “True, facial hair is not all that feminine, but Dark Rose, played by Laura Lee, is not always a werewolf. She spends much of the movie looking like her usual lovely self.”

            Liquori recently completed a short about Dark Rose with a new actress, Mia Morse. It is being marketed on the Internet at www.geociites.com/hocfocprod/hocus_focus_productions.htm. The independent film maker, who also pens all his projects, was recognized at the Showcase Shorts festival last year with the “Shortie Award” for Hit and Miss, a movie with almost as many twists as minutes.

            He is currently in development of his newest feature, Wolf Spawn, which will feature Virginia Hey, best known for her role of Zhann on Farscape.

            For more information or to set up an interview with Liquori call (914) 739-8636.





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