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Please send me ___ copies of Dark Rose Feedin' & Breedin x $19.99 each  

Dark Rose Bootleg Blowout! (Until Halloween 2003).  VHS with no box

_____copies x $10.00/copy    = ______

Peak at My Shorts Compilation video.  All four short films on one VHS tape. _____copies x  $10.00/copy  = _______

Please send me ___copies of "Dark Rose: 700 Year Itch" at $6.00 per tape. _____copies x $6.00 = _____

Include Dark Rose: 700 Year Itch for just $2.50 on my ________ tape!

_____copies x $2.50 = ______

+ $5.00 s/h  = _________

I'm not paying shipping!  I ordered both movies instead!
Fl residents only add 7% sales tax (before shipping charges)

Total enclosed ___________ (Check or money order only) 

I am paying via paypal.  DIdn't you get my email?

I hereby verify that I am over 18 years of age.
signature __________________________________
date _________
DL or ID number __________________ for age verification only

Print out form and send to:
Hocus Focus Productions
PO Box 161763
Altamonte Springs, FL 32716-1763

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
Tapes are exchangeable if damaged only, please.
AOLers print by clicking the printer icon at the top of your screen.


Wait!  Send me a T-Shirt too!

T-shirts have the posters like the ones on the previous page on a white shirt. 

Specify size: ____Med, ____Lg____, _____XL

Specify Movie ____The Challenge, ______008, _____Hit & Miss

enclose $8.95 per shirt plus 7% sales tax for FL residents.

No extra shipping when ordered with a video.  Add $3.00 if ordering a T-shirt only or if ordering more than two videos and one t-shirt.  Questions, email [email protected]

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