"Hit & Miss"

a short film by Jason L. Liquori


"Hit & Miss"  was  selected to receive an award at the 

Showcase Shorts Film Festival  2003

in  the goodguy/badguy category

get details at Showcase Shorts Website

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Check out a CLIP from Hit & Miss HERE: 


"Hit & Miss" is about a New York Hitman, Tony,  who moves down south and becomes disappointed in the different methods of doing business.  He starts to take mail order jobs from up north and that's when we meet up with him.

Tony's newest assignment  is to kill a cop.  Can he pull it off without making the biggest mistake of his career?   Keep your eyes open for screening info and in the meantime check out the pics below. 

Thanks to a friend our pretty leading lady gets to drive a  pretty car.

Tony, a NY hitman now living in FL takes a shot in the dark.

She's hit!

(Sorry if you were hoping for something more bloody)

Someone shoots back!  Better dive for cover.

This is not a happy man.

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