The Bentleys

When you say (Audio)

When you say,
I love you and I will never go away
The sun is shining of above
because you are my love (fine)

When I cry
And you make me glad, and all my problems die
You don't forget I'm feeling sad
You want to see me glad.

Oh I feel so happy that I met you
Now my life is like a fairy tale
There is no more rain
'cause the sun is shining
And the world is gay ev'ry day.

When you say
I love you and I will never go away
Yes then my heart begins to beat
because you are so sweet.

I, I love you
And I know that all my dreams will become true
I want to be close by your side
I want to hold you tight.


da capo al fine
You, you love me
And I know that you will never set me free
I am the one you want to love
You're stars and moon above 
You're my love!

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