Michael Holm

My cutey girl* (Audio)

It's just the way she smiled at me and said, I'm lonely
It's just the way she whispered sweetly in my ear
that made me fall head over heels,
and now she knows just how I feel,
of other things that she has done to me
Oh, I'm (...?) now day by day,
my mind is in a whirl
Yet she's the one, my cutey girl.


It's just the way she holds my hand and takes me walking
It's just the way she runs her fingers through my hair
($) My life has changed, it's just like dreams
The things she does she really means
Her loving ways are planned (...?) for me
Oh, I'll take her with me where I go,
(**|:) we'll travel 'round the world
Yes she's the one, my cutey girl (**:|)


dal $egno al fine**

*Das ist Lübke-Englisch - vermutlich von M.H. selber verbrochen (oder von seinem Kumpel Giorgio Moroder): Das Adjektiv lautet "cute"; man kann das zwar substantivieren zu "cutey"; aber "cutey girl" geht nicht. (Aber was soll's; im Titel des deutschen Originals findet sich ja ein ähnlicher Klops ;-)

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