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El Lute (Video)

This is the story of El Lute
A man who was born to be hunted like a wild animal
Because he was poor
But he refused to accept his fate
And today his honor has been restored.

He was only nineteen and was sentenced to die
For something that somebody else did and blamed on El Lute
Then they changed it to life and so he could escape
From then on they chased him
and searched for him day and night all over Spain
But the search was in vain for El Lute.

He had only seen the dark side of life,
the man they called El Lute
And he wanted a home just like you and like me,
in a country were all would be free.

So he taught himself to read and to write
It didn't help El Lute
He was one who had dare to escape over night
They had to find El Lute.

Soon the fame of his name
Spread like wildfire all over the land
With a price on his head
People still gave him bread
And they gave him a hand
For they knew he was right
And his fight was their fight.

No one gave you a chance in the Spain of those days
On walls every place they had put up the face of El Lute
And he robbed where he could just like once Robin Hood
They finally caught him and that seemed the end
But they caught him in vain
cause a change came for Spain and El Lute.


And the freedom really came to his land,
and also to El Lute
Now he walks in the light of a sunny new day,
the man they called El Lute.

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