El Gringo

Banana goat song (Audio)

Gay-o! Are you gay or no?
In muslim country you better say no!
Gays |: |: kill the gays :| :| kill all the homos!
Islam wants to kill all the homos.

A muslim works in a gay night-club
Islam comes and nobody goes home
They don't say "jihad", they blame the guns
Islam come, now we need gun-control.

What would you do for 72 virgins?
Anything, but I won't do that
Get a bomb in your belly, 'cause I'm a plastic surgeon
As long as the bomb doesn't make me look fat.

Let's build a mosque in Louisiana
We're going to have a muslim crawfish boil
Let's play a game, hide the rotten banana
Where we come from ev'ry hole is a hole.

10 foot, 20 foot, 30 foot trucks
Here comes a muslim, get out of the road
10 foot, 20 foot, 30 foot trucks
Islam come, it's jihad-on-the-go.

Gays, kill all the gay homos
Islam come to kill all the homos
Hey, you have a really nice goat
Islam come humping all the animals.

Hey, Mister taliban, where you keep the camels?
It's o.k. if you kill the animals
Hit my wife in the boobies with a big bag of gravel
Islam come, everybody get stoned.

Gay-o! You better say no!
Islam come to kill all the homos.

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