Georgetown Toastmasters
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                            How to Join Georgetown Toastmasters

To join Georgetown Toastmasters, simply attend any regular meeting and ask one of the club officers for a new member application (click here for a list of upcoming dates and times).

In addition to filling out a new member application, every Toastmasters member pays dues equal to $27 every six months. Depending on when you decide to become a member, dues will be prorated accordingly. As a Georgetown Toastmaster you will also receive a subscription to Toastmaster magazine. This subscription continues free as long as you are a Toastmasters member and includes helpful articles and tips to further improve your public speaking.

If you have never been a member of Toastmasters, in addition to paying membership dues, you will also be asked to pay a one-time new member fee of $20. If you have ever been a member of any recognized Toastmasters club prior to joining Georgetown Toastmasters, you will not be required to pay this fee.

Questions about Georgetown Toastmasters? Contact [email protected]
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