• Quezon City Polytechnic University
  • Quezon City Government
  • Technical-Voacational
  • Bachelor of Science In Electronics And Communication Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science In Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science In Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Science In Information Technology

Quezon City Polytechnic University

Misson and Vision



To Developed Professionally competent

,socially responsible,productive members of society by producing an outcome - based education responsive to the changing needs of the economy



QCPU is a premier institution of professional

,technological ,education and training, and progressive partner in nation building

Quezon City Hymn


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QCPU Development


This is the proposed plan for the New QCPU Facilities.As of now the old Multi-Purpose Hall is started to renovate which the construcion will be finished on this coming year 2012.The University Gate is already finished this year 2011.The Faculty Buiding is going to be settled to build beside the new muti purpose building.

This is the triangle which the philippine flag and qcpu flag to be raised.


It is also a part of the quezon city government project to make


the university surrounding be beautiful.

The Old Multi Purpose Building which undergoes renovation and to be finished next year.As of now the it is name QCPU Technical and Vocational Building which the Vocational-Technical students occupy the half of the building.



QCPU Calendar


October 5-8 Final Examination


October 12 Q.C.Foundation Day


October 14 Submission of Final Grades(All Level)


October 10-14 Issuance of Student Clearance


October 19 Releaseing of Gradeslip


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