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The Most Reverend Dr. Robert D. Parlotz, OHS, D.Min., Ed.D., Th.D., and Barbara E. Parlotz, MSW, ACSW,  offer a number of educational and organization development services and programs.  They work on a contract basis.  Each contracted service is developed in consultation with an organization to meet its specific needs.  Curriculum development and training seminars are the primary focus.  Although most of these projects are provided for professionals and for an organization's "in-service" development of its staff, some seminars are designed for use in a church, parish, or synagogue and others are designed for use in an organization.

Examples of Educational Seminars and Programs concerning Trauma and Disaster Response:

"Introduction to Trauma Pastoral Care"
Seminar for clergy and lay persons involved in pastoral care of individuals and families experiencing the effects of trauma, disaster, life-threatening events, and catastrophe.  Seminars can be taught in a retreat setting of one-, two, three-, or five-day programs or in an academic setting for a intensive course or a semester or quarter term.  Training manual/textbook is prepared for participants.

"Disaster Planning and the Local Church or Synagogue"
Seminar for and/or consultation with the local religious organization to identify potential disasters and to develop response plans cooredinated with other services and organizations in the local community.

Examples of Educational Seminars and Programs concerning Parish Quality Management and Organization Development:

"Parish Quality Management"
Seminar and consultation with the leadership of a local religous organization in applying strategies to guide ministry development and growth, to focue attention on people ministries, and stewardship of the organization's resources,  to build consensus, to manage change, and to develop leadership aimed at full participation of everyone involved in the ministries, services, and programs of the organization.  It is an adaptation of criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awared established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for for-profit, health care, and eductional organizations.  Focuses attention of the ministries of the organization on developmenting, implementing, and evaluating a coordinated, efficient, and effective strategic plan for the organization and each of its sub-divisions.  Each element of the strategic plan is designed to contain an accountability factor called a "metric" which is an assessment and measurement which assists in monitoring the on-going ministry of the organization.  A training manual is prepared for each participant.

"Needs Assessment in the Parish or Synagogue"
Seminar for and/or consultation with the local religious organization to develop specific needs assessment tool(s).

"Organization Development in the Parish or Synagogue"
Consultation with the local religious organization in response to change, goal setting, assessment of needs, "gap-in-resources" analysis, development of data matrices, strategy development and implementation.  Strategic planning seminars and consultation with parish or synagogue leaders.

"Leadership Development"
Seminar and/or consultation in the development of leadership in organizations.

Examples of Educational Programs for Healthcare Organizations:

"Social Work and the Clinical Pathway"
Training seminar for social workers working as team members in clinical settings using clinical pathways.

"The Social Worker and the Computer-Generated Client Record"
Training seminar on the use of the computer to develop and generate client records.

"The Social Wroker and the Chaplain-Clergy in the Care of the Hospitalized Patient and Family"
Interdisciplinary training seminar for social workers and clergy focused on developing coordinated team efforts to support patients and their families during hospitalization and in aftercare.

Examples of Adult Education Seminars (Specific Topics):

"Insights from Psalm 31 about Powerlessness"
"The Factors Contributing to Healthy Family Systems"
"Inquirers' Class for Adults"  -- for incorporation into the local parish.
"The Person I Was Created To Be and the One That I Am"

"Personal Spiritual Development and Its Relationship to the Community of Faith"

Examples of Academic Courses:

"Theological Research Methods"
Academic course or seminar focused on engaging in valid research of religious dynamics and in the religious setting.
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