The Institute for the Study of Spirituality and Trauma
     The Institute for the Study of Spirituality and Trauma is an educational and research organization.  It is established to promote an integrated understanding of traumatic experiences and to facillitate adaptation of the whole person who has been victimized by catastrophic experiences.

     The experience of trauma, life-threatening events, catastrophe, war-related events, disaster, terrorization, abuse, violence, violent crime, other events of victimhood, and related events involves the whole person.  It cannot be simply seen as a cognitive, behavioral, psychological, or sociological encounter.  It is all of these.  Yet, essentially, it is a spiritual experience, if for no other reason than it forces a partial, if not total, reorganization of the value system and world view of the victims as they work to be survivors.

     The Institute was founded by the Reverend Dr. Robert D. Parlotz in 1989.  It was reorganized in 1996 with an expanded focus beyond its initial publishing interests.  The Institute does
not provide therapeutic services or counseling.  It is not a clinic nor counseling center.

     The Institute seeks to assist clinicians, researchers, educators, and administrators and planners with information, education, training, and consultation which will facilitate the wholistic and holistic healing and adaptation of persons exposed to catastrophic and other life-threatening experiences.  It focuses on the study (1) of human nature, personality, and development, (2) of spirituality, resiliency, and hardiness, and (3) of traumatic experience. 
The principals of the Institute offer seminars, workshops, courses, and continuing education programs, plus management and organizational development consultation. Each of these is specifically designed to meet the needs of the educational participants and of organizations.

     The Most Reverend Dr. Parlotz, OHS, D.Min., Ed.D., Th.D., was a practicing traumatologist and thanatologist for twenty-eight years in acute care intervention, in individual and group psychotherapeutic intervention, in the supervision of and in consultation with practitioners, and in conducting educational experiences.  In 1996, he concluded nineteen years as Coordinator of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Psychology at Northwest College in Kirkland, Washington.  In 1984-1985, he served as the president of the Washington Mental Health Counselors Association.  He began his ordained ministry in 1965.  He presently is the Archbishop and Primate of the United Anglican Church.  Formerly, he was a priest of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches and Suffragan Bishop for Chaplaincies.  He served as a chaplain in the US Air Force Reserve, was promoted to Colonel in 1994, and retired 30 May 2004.  His academic and clinical training is as follows:  BS, Bethany College (Santa Cruz, CA); graduate study and candidacy for MA, Wheaton College (Illinois); M.Div. and D.Min., Texas Christian University; Ed.D., Seattle University; Th.D., Laud Hall Seminary; basic and advanced internships and supervisory residency in Clinical Pastoral Education, Parkland Memorial Hospital (Dallas, TX); training in marriage and family counseling, Pastoral Counseling and Education Center (Dallas, TX); training in psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy (Ft Worth, TX); training in Critical Incident Stress Management (Seattle, WA); graduate of Air War College, USAF Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama; and training in Total Quality Management (USAFR).

      Barbara E. Parlotz, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, LCMHC, is a practicing clinician and has served as a Supervisor of Social Work, Medical and Surgicial Services, Harborview Medical Center, and clinical instructor of social work, the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, since 1988.  She was the chair-person of the Professional Division of the Washington State Head Injury Foundation from 1989-1993.  Her academic and clinical preparation is as follows:  BA and MSW, University of Washington; Certificate in Human Services Management, School of Social Work, University of Washington; social work internships in oncology and nephrology at University Hospital (Seattle, WA); Research Assisting in the Family Adaptation Project of the Child Development Mental Retardation Center, University of Washington; social work internship in Disabilities Program of Eastside Mental Health (Bellevue, WA).

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