Parish Quality Management
Applying the Baldridge Quality standards for for-profit, healthcare, and educational organizations to the local church, its leadership, its board or vestry, and its ministries.

(1) Discipleship:  A leadership development model for the local parish.

(2) Stewardship:  An effective and efficient management application.

(3)  Church Growth:  Strategic planning based upon the values of the community of faith.

Parish Quality Management is a training program for the leadership of the ministries of the local congregation.  It contains a training manual.  It can be initially taught in a retreat setting with follow-up consultation. 

Parish Quality Management is an integrated ministry model built on community throughout the level of leadership and ministries of the local congregation.  It aims to produce a planned approach to effective ministries focused on productive stewardship of resources, people talents, and programs.  It works to bring together all aspects of the church's ministries so that they work in concert with one another.
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