Wills & Inventories 1781-1837

(From 1811, ‘Infra’ Wills are marked with an *asterisk)


List of Wills Now preserved in the Probate Registry at Chester.

1. 1781-1790

Antrobus, James, of Northwich, joiner and victualler Admon.  1782

Birkenhead, Margaret, of Witton, widow Admon.  1786

Boardman, William, of Witton Admon.  1783

Brady, Richard, of Northwich, salt officer Admon.  1785

Brook, Rhoda, of Northwich, spinster 1789

Buckley, John, of Northwich, dealer and chapman 1782

Buckley, William, of Northwich, surgeon Admon.  1787

Burgess, John, of Northwich, gentleman Admon.  1788

Burgess, Thomas, of Northwich, saddler 1786

Capper, William, of Witton, rock getter Admon.  1788

Carter, Joseph, of Witton, yeoman 1782

Cornes, John, of Witton, blacksmith 1785

Daulton (formerly Worrall), Mary, of Northwich Admon.  1787

Daulton, Samuel, of Northwich, baker Admon.  1787

Denton, John, of Witton, mariner Admon.  1786

Dicken, John, of Witton 1790

Done, Thomas, of Witton 1787

Dutton, Thomas, of Northwich, shoemaker 1788

Edwards, Samuel, Northwich, shipbuilder Admon.  1789

Filkin, Thomas, of Northwich, surgeon 1787

Foden, Edward, of Witton, bricklayer 1788

Furnice, Richard, of Northwich, breeches maker 1784

Gregg , Jeremiah, of Witton, officer in the Salt Duties 1790

Hankinson, Thomas, of Northwich, sail maker 1781

Haslehurst, Peter, of Witton, shipbuilder 1790

Jones, William, of Witton, salt officer 1790

Lamb, Richard, of Northwich, carpenter 1783

Latham, Samuel, of Northwich, innkeeper 1788

Massey, Elizabeth, of Northwich, widow 1788

Molineax, Abraham, of Northwich, roper 1786

Moulton, Thomas, of Northwich, yeoman Admon. With Will 1787

Percival, Edward, of Witton, yeoman 1782

Pickering, William, of Witton, yeoman 1784

Pointon, Mary, of Castle Northwich 1788

Roberts, Robert, of Witton, salt officer Admon.  1786

Roberts, William, of Northwich, salt boiler Admon.  1788

Robinson, William, of Witton, salt officer 1789

Smith, Thomas, of Northwich, salt officer Admon.  1784

Sunderland, Catherine, of Northwich, spinster 1783

Tarbuck, John, of Northwich, flatmaker Admon.  1789


‘Infra’ Wills - Under £40

Birkenhead, Mary, of Witton, widow Admon.  1786

Deakin, Peter, of Northwich, salt boiler Admon.  1783

Deakin, Richard, of Northwich, salt boiler Admon.  1783

Litler, Peter, of Witton 1788

Pickering, William, of Northwich, cordwainer Admon.  1786

Roberts, William, of Northwich, salt boiler 1788

Swinton, George, of Northwich, breeches maker Admon.  1790


Wills & Inventories: 1791-1800

Ashton, William, of Northwich, innkeeper 1796

Barker, John, of Northwich, gentleman 1793

Beckett, Thomas, of Northwich, parish clerk 1793

Blower, Mary, of Northwich, linen draper 1799

Bowyer, James, of Northwich, shopkeeper 1796

Boyd, James, of Northwich, innkeeper 1797

Brayne, Thomas Ives, of Northwich, gentleman (see 1829) 1796

Burgess, Ann, of Northwich, spinster Admon.  1794

Cheetham, John, the elder, of Witton Stocks, yeoman 1798

Chorlton, Job, of Witton, yeoman 1792

Corns, Martha, of Witton-cum-Twambrooks, widow Admon.  1794

Deakin, Robert, of Witton, innkeeper 1798

Drinkwater, Thomas, of Northwich, shoemaker Admon.  1799

Edleston, Hannah, of Witton, widow 1800

Formosson, Elizabeth, of Northwich, widow 1797

Harrop, Thomas, of Northwich, cordwainer 1792

Hassall, James, of Witton, officer of salt duties 1799

Horton, William, of Castle Northwich, yeoman 1792

Hussey, George, of Northwich, tailor 1794

Hyde, Heath, of Northwich Ld. Admon.  1794

Latham, John, of Northwich, whitesmith Admon.  1791

Lowton, John, of Northwich, labourer 1794

Maddock, Martha, of Castle Northwich, spinster 1795

Marshall, Thomas, of Northwich, merchant 1798

Mort, John, of Witton, esquire 1793

Mort, Jonadab, of Witton, esquire (see 1833) 1799

Moulton, Thomas, of Northwich, gardener 1791

Norbury, Catherine, of Witton, widow 1797

Owen, William, of Northwich, gentleman (see 1837) 1796

Parker, Mary, of Northwich, spinster 1793

Reed, Dennis, of Northwich, salt officer Admon.  1795

Roberts, Margaret, of Witton, widow 1798

Smith, Henry, of Northwich, cooper 1800

Thearsby, Elizabeth, of Witton, widow Admon.  1799

Thompson, John, of Witton, cabinetmaker 1800

Thompson, John, of Witton, yeoman 1800

Threarsby, William, of Northwich, surgeon Admon.  1793

Todd, Joseph, of Northwich, ale seller Admon.  1794

Whalls, Elizabeth, of Witton, widow 1800

Yarwood, Abraham, of Northwich, wool comber 1793


‘Infra’ Wills - Under £40

Bebbington, John, of Northwich, miller 1791

Boden, Elizabeth, of Northwich, widow 1800

Furnival, William, of Northwich, flatman Admon.  1798

Gorst, William, of Northwich, salt Waller 1792

Poole, Richard, of Witton, yeoman 1791



List of Wills and Administrations (Including the Infra Wills)

Preserved in the Probate Registry at Chester: 1801-1810, Inclusive.

Alcock, William, of Witton, baker 07 Sep 1808

Ansdell, Thomas, of Northwich, grocer 16 Apr 1806

Arrowsmith, Samuel, of Witton, blacksmith 04 Dec 1802

Ashton, Philip, of Northwich, ale seller Ad.  28 Dec 1809

Barker, Mary, of Northwich, widow 11 Sep 1805

Barton, John, of Northwich, chandler 08 Mar 1805

Bibby, James, of Northwich, labourer Ad.  15 Feb 1809

Bradburne, Peter, of Witton-cum-Twambrooks 21 Nov 1808

Brooke, Benedict, of Northwich, salt officer A.W.  08 May 1802

Buck, John, of Northwich, gentleman 14 Jul 1802

Bull, Robert, of Witton, shopkeeper Ad.  23 Jun 1804

Burgess, John, of Northwich, saddler Ad.  12 Aug 1801

Butler, Abraham, of Northwich, clockmaker Ad.  27 Jun 1801

Chorlton, Samuel, of Witton, blacksmith Ad.  02 Dec 1809

Clayton, Jane, of Witton, spinster 21 Jan 1808

Colville, Michael, of Northwich, linen draper 11 Sep 1801

Corns, Joseph, of Witton, carpenter 17 Apr 1802

Deakin, Samuel, of Witton, in Parochial Chapelry of Witton, yeoman Ad.  04 Jul 1805

Deakin, William, of Northwich, innkeeper 14 May 1804

Drinkwater, James, of Northwich, butcher 02 Feb 1808

Edwards, Eleanor, of Northwich, widow 23 Oct 1805

Filkin, John, of Northwich, surgeon 22 Nov 1802

Fowls, Joseph, of Witton, publican Ad.  12 May 1810

Fowls, Joseph, of Witton cum Twambrooks 11 Jun 1806

Fumifall[sic], William, of Northwich, labourer 24 Sep 1810

Furnivall, Martha, of Northwich, widow 24 Sep 1810

Gloster, Ann, of Northwich, widow Ad.  05 Jul 1803

Goulden, Ann, of Witton cum Twambrooks, widow 04 Oct 1809

Gregory, John, of Northwich, yeoman 09 Mar 1801

Harris, Thomas, of Witton cum Twambrooks 28 Aug 1805

Harvey, James, of Witton, chair maker Ad.  03 May 1808

Hassall, Peggy Butler, of Witton, co. Chester, spinster 24 Aug 1807

Horton, John, of Witton cum Twambrooks 18 Aug 1807

Howard, John, of Green Bank, Northwich C.C.  16 Nov 1809

Hudson, Sarah, of Northwich, widow 26 Nov 1810

Hunt, William, of Northwich, officer of excise 14 Jul 1806

Johnson, Philip, of Northwich 11 Aug 1802

Jones, Ann, of Witton cum Twambrooks, widow 05 Mar 1804

Lowe, Edward, of Northwich, liquor merchant C.  28 May 1801

Lowe, John, of Northwich, victualler C.  22 Sep 1808

Manifold, Thomas, of Northwich, gentleman Ad.  01 Mar 1809

Nevitt, Henry, of Witton, yeoman 26 Sep 1810

Parker, John, of Northwich, gentleman Ad.  26 Aug 1808

Penney, James, of Northwich, salt boiler 23 Dec 1805

Poole, Robert, of Witton cum Twambrook, salt proprietor 03 Feb 1810

Prescot, Robert, of Witton, weaver Ad.  27 Apr 1805

Rogerson, William, of Northwich, barrow maker Ad.  21 Feb 1809

Rowe, John, of Witton, hatter 05 Feb 1810

Saxon, Thomas, of Northwich, grocer 26 Jan 1802

Simpson, Francis, of Castle Northwich, flatman 29 Dec 1804

Simpson, Mary, of Northwich, widow Ad.  05 Aug 1805

Stelfox, James, of Hulme Hall near Northwich A.W.  28 Apr 1805

Strongitharm, George, of Northwich, gentleman 06 Aug 1806

Stubbs, John, of Witton cum Twambrooke, merchant 25 Nov 1809

Sunderland, Joseph Hulse, of Northwich, grocer 02 Feb 1801

Swindall, James, of Witton cum Twambrooks, yeoman 08 Nov 1808

Tanner, Abraham, of Northwich, flattman 03 Sep 1805

Tarbuck, Catherine, of Northwich, widow 01 Jan 1802

Thompson, Henry, of Witton, co. of Chester, joiner 04 Sep 1804

Thompson, William, of Witton, rock getter A.W.  28 Jul 1807

Weston, Samuel, of Northwich, ironmonger 12 Dec 1809

Widdowson, John, of Northwich, merchant (see 1820) A.W.  12 Apr 1803

Widdowson, John, Mary, and Elizabeth, children of John Widdowson, of Northwich, merchant Tuition 12 Apr 1803

Willis, Samuel, of Northwich, innkeeper Ad.  15 Dec 1806

Yarwood, William, of Northwich, druggist 14 May 1803

Yate, John, of Northwich, surgeon C.  14 Sep 1802

Yate, Thomas, of Northwich, but late of Chester, surgeon Ad.  23 Feb 1810


List of Wills and Administrations (Infra Wills now marked with an asterisk) preserved in the Probate Registry at Chester: - 1811-20, inclusive.

Alcock, Ann, of Northwich, widow.  04 Aug 1811.

Antrobus, Ann, of Northwich, widow. A.  01 Dec 1812

Arrowsmith,  James, of Witton, blacksmith.  18 Aug 1815.

Aston, Elizabeth, of Northwich, widow.  05 Oct 1814.

Banton,  William, of Northwich, grocer.  21 May 1817

Barker,  Ann, of Northwich, spinster.  20 Sep 1820

Barnes, John, of Northwich, tallow chandler.  28 Jun 1814.

Barnes,  William, of Northwich, brazier. A.  28 Feb 1816

Beacon,  James, of Witton, Officer of Excise. A.  22 Jul 1820.

Beswick,  Martha, of Northwich, spinster. A.  30 Jul 1814.

Billington, Thomas, of Witton, ship carpenter. A.  11 Sep 1816.

Blower,  Mary, of Northwich, widow. A.  05 Apr 1811.*

Boffey, Jane, of Northwich, widow.  19 Aug 1811.

Booth,  Martha, of Northwich, spinster.  14 Mar 1813.

Boss, Anthony, of Northwich, proprietor of salt (2nd grant, 1821 ).  21 Feb 1817.

Byram, Thomas, of Castle Northwich, carpenter.  03 Aug 1814.

Clare, Robert, of Northwich, flatman. A. & Tuon.  12 Feb 1812

Corker, Richard, of Northwich, plumber and glazier. A.  10 Aug 1813.

Deakin, Robert, of Witton cum Twambrooks.  25 Feb 1817.

Dean, James, of Witton House, carpenter.  05 Sep 1814

Earl,  Charles, of Northwich, grocer. A.  04 Dec 1815.

Eccles, Thomas, of Witton, p. Blackburn, gentleman. A.  19 Feb 1820.

Edge, William, of Witton, linen draper.  14 Sep. 1815.

Feilden, Henry, of Witton House, esquire.  27 Mar 1816.

Forrest, James, heretofore of Pleasington, but late of Witton, yeoman.  05 Feb 1814.

Gorst, William, of Northwich, waterman. A.  22 May 1820.

Goulden, William, of Witton, salt rock proprietor.  03 Apr 1812.

Greswell Henry, of Witton, wheelwright.  13 Mar 1812.

Haslehurst, Thomas, of Witton.  23 Aug 1811.

Higginson, Ann, of Castle Northwich.  23 Nov 1812.

Hoolley, Jane, of Witton, co. Chester. A.  19 Aug 1817.

Horne, William, of Northwich, victualler.  30 Nov. 1818.

Jones, Mary, of Witton, widow.  Feb 1818.

Kay, Thomas, of Witton, yeoman.  06 Oct 1814.

Kelly, Alexander, of Northwich, draper. A.  09 Oct 1811

Kerfoot, Ellen, of Northwich, widow. A.  16 Jan. 1818.*

Lamb, James, of Northwich, yeoman.  11 May 1818. *

Lea, John, of Witton, publican.  09 Nov 1820.

Littler, William, of Northwich, publican.  09 Mar 1811.

Lovatt, John, of Witton-cum-Twanbrooks, miller.  25 Sep 1815.

Manifold, Thomas, of Northwich, gentleman. A.  13 Sep 1811.

Moors, John, of Witton, near Northwich, mason.  12 May 1819

Pearson, Samuel, of Northwich, yeoman.  28 Jan 1815. *

Peck, Thomas, of Northwich, ironmonger (later grant, 1812 ).  30 Sep. 1811.

Peck, Thomas, of Northwich, ironmonger.  17 Sep 1812.

Pickstock, Isaac, of Northwich, tailor.  22 Mar 1816.

Sleath, John, of Witton, Officer of Excise.  21 Aug 1815.

Southworth, Esther, of Witton. A.  11 Feb 1815.*

Stokes, John, of Northwich, grocer.  06 Jul 1814.

Southworth, Esther, of Witton. A.  11 Feb 1815.*

Stubbs, Matthew, of Witton. A.  08 Jun 1820.

Sumerfield, Peter, of Witton.  14 Sep 1812.

Taylor, Samuel, of Northwich, stationer.  17 Dec 1814.*

Taylor, Thomas, of Northwich, butcher.  09 Jun 1814.

Thomason, Thomas (the elder), of Witton, weaver.  26 Dec 1812.

Tomkinson, Mary, of Northwich, spinster.  28 Aug 1812.

Vardon, John, of Castle Northwich, flatman.  13 May 1815.*

Vearey, Henry, of Northwich, postmaster.  01 May 1815.

Vearey, Mary, of Northwich, widow. A.  11 Jan 1816.

Watson, James, of Witton, merchant. A.  30 Oct 1813.

Weedall, John, of Castle Northwich, mariner. A.  06 Sep 1816.*

Weedall, Samuel, of Castle Northwich, tailor.  10 Oct 1816.*

Weston, James, of Witton, gentleman. A.  06 Apr 1813

Weston, Thomas, of Northwich, ironmonger.  28 May 1813.

Whalley, James, of Witton, yeoman.  20 Sep 1819.*

Widdowson, Henry, of Northwich, salt proprietor.  03 May 1820.

Widdowson, John, of Northwich, merchant. A.w.T.  13 Jul 1820.

Winnington, Peter, of Witton, labourer.  30 Nov 1812.

Withnall, John, of Castle Northwich, yeoman.  05 Jan 1815.


From: ‘Cheshire Wills’, in Cheshire & Lancashire Wills and Administrations, 1821-1825.

‘Infra’ Wills,  (ones where the personality is under forty pounds) marked with an asterisk.

A: Administration Bond.

T: Tuition Bond.

W: Will.

d. Died.

Ackerley, Sarah, Northwich, widow.  Oct 1824 *

Allen, William, Northwich; druggist. A.  Sep. 1823

Barker, Peter Moores, Northwich, gent. A.  May 1823

Barrow, John, Northwich, esq. A.  Jun. 1822

Bennett, Philip, Witton, cotton manufacturer.  Oct 1822

Boss, Anthony, Northwich, salt proprietor.  Jan 1821

Brady, Robert Clarke, Witton, merchant.  Jun 1822

Carnes, George, Northwich; printer.  Aug 1825

Carter, Percival, Witton; blacksmith.  Sep 1824

Clare, John, Northwich, captain of a flatt.  Oct 1825

Clarke, Samuel, Witton; gardener.  Jul 1823

Cliffe, Henry, Northwich; surgeon. A.  Jun. 1822

Darlington, Sarah, Witton, spinster. A.  Dec. 1823

Dyer, Samuel, Witton, flour dealer.  Dec 1822

Ford, Samuel, Witton, tailor.  Nov 1824

Gibson, John, Northwich, merchant.  Jun 1825

Goulborn, John, Northwich, victualler.  Mar 1824 *


From: Cheshire Wills and Administrations, 1826-1830

Bailey, James, Witton, manufacturer.  May 1827

Beeton, Thomas, Northwich, formerly Witton, horse trainer.  May 1830

Beswick, Elizabeth, Witton, widow. A.  Jun. 1826

Brayne, Jonathan, Northwich, gent. A.  May 1826

Brayne, Thomas Ives, Northwich, gent.  Jul 1829  (1st grant 1796)

Brereton, John, Witton, labourer.  Mar 1827

Bull, Samuel, Northwich, widower. A.  Jan. 1830

Colville, Mary, Castle Northwich, widow.  May 1826

Cross, Robert, Northwich, shopkeeper.  Aug 1829

Dobell, Benjamin, Witton, yeoman.  Jul 1829

Fairclough, Ann, Witton, widow.  Sep 1829

Filkin, John, Northwich, gent.  Feb 1830

Gerrard, John, Witton, brazier. A.  Jul. 1827

Haslehurst, John, Witton, pan smith.  Nov 1830

Heywood, John, Northwich & Witton, clockmaker.  Aug 1828

Jackson, Thomas, Witton, sexton.  Feb 1830

Kerfoot, Peter, Witton, bricklayer. A Aug. 1827

Latham, Richard, Northwich, whitesmith. A Jun. 1830 *

Litler, Thomas, Castle Northwich, labourer. A Jan. 1826

Livesley, Samuel, Castle Northwich, yeoman.  Mar 1828

Lovatt, Mary, Witton, widow.  Oct 1828

Maddock, Sarah, Witton, spinster.  Nov 1828

Penk, George, Witton, cordwainer. A Sep. 1828

Penk, George, Witton, rock getter.  Nov 1829 *

Rathbone, John Witton.  May 1829

Stanway, William, Witton, carpenter.  Mar 1828

Starkey, James, Witton-cum-Twambrooks, flatman.  Mar 1830

Stelfox, Thomas, Witton, blacksmith.  Sep 1827

Symms, John, Castle Northwich, yeoman.  Mar 1827


From: ‘Cheshire Wills’, in Cheshire & Lancashire: Wills and Administrations 1831-1833

Allcock, John, Castle Northwich, flatman.  May 1831

Ansdale, Samuel Jacksons, Castle Northwich, agent. A Jun. 1831

Blake, Ann, Witton, wid.  Oct 1832

Barker, Thomas, Northwich, esq., Mar. 1833

Boden, Edward, Witton, flatman.  Jul 1833

Bradshaw, James, Castle Northwich, rope maker.  Aug 1833

Davies, George, Northwich, ironmonger.  Aug 1831  (later grant 1859)

Harris, Mary, Witton, wid.  Nov 1832

Harvey, Fitzwilliam, Northwich, schoolmaster. A Dec. 1833 *

Lawrence, Richard, Witton, yeo.  Feb 1832

Lea, Mary Ann, Witton, wid.  May 1831

Mainwaring, Joseph, Witton, brewer.  Jun 1831

Molyneux, Katherine, Witton, wid.  Aug 1833

Mort, Jonadab, Witton, esq., Oct. 1833  (1st grant 1799)

Okell, George, Witton, clerk. A Jul. 1833

Okell, William, Castle Northwich, wheelwright.  Jun 1832

Snelson, William, Witton, labr.  Aug 1831

Stelfox, James, Hulme Hall near Northwich, farmer. A Jul. 1833

Walker Samuel, Northwich, gent.  Feb 1831

Wilding, Thomas, Witton, slater. A Aug. 1833 *

Winnington, John, Witton, shoemaker.  Jun 1832

Woodward, Sarah, Acton, Northwich. A Apr. 1833

Yarwood, John, Castle Northwich, butcher.  Jul 1831


Cheshire: Chester - Wills and Administrations, 1834-1837


A: Administration Bond

Andrews, Samuel, Witton, tailor.  Jun 1837

Barrow, Mary, Witton, widow.  Jun 1836

Brandreth, William, Witton, blacksmith.  Feb 1834

Broadhurst, Isaac, Witton, esq., Dec. 1835

Caldwell, John, Witton, gent.  Jun 1834

Collie, Fletcher, Witton near Northwich, gardener.  Feb 1837

Darlington, John, Witton, schoolmaster. A Apr. 1837

Deakin, James, Tabley Street, Witton, Sandbach, flatman.  Oct 1836

Denton, Robert, Witton, flatman.  Jun 1836

Forster, John, Northwich, publican.  Mar 1835

Gorst, Charles, Witton p. Great Budworth, farmer. A Jun. 1837 *

Gorst, James, Witton, flatman.  Mar 1835

Gorst, John, Northwich, flatman. A Jun. 1837 *

Goulding, Mary, Northwich, widow.  Feb 1835

Haslehurst, Elijah, Witton, pan smith.  Oct 1837

Hitchen, Joseph, Castle Northwich, yeoman.  Sep 1834

Johnson, Anne, Witton, spinster. A Jan. 1836

Lowe, Robert Tomlinson, Northwich, currier. A & Tuon Nov. 1837

Norbury, Ann, Northwich, spinster.  Nov 1836

Okell, Mary, Castle near Northwich, widow.  Sep 1837

Owen, William, Northwich, gent.  Jan 1837  (see 1796 )

Pickering, James, Northwich, liquor merchant.  Feb 1836

Rhodes, Thomas, Northwich, yeoman.  Apr 1837

Roberts, George, Castle Northwich, yeoman.  Sep 1834 *

Rubottoms, Richard, Witton co. Chester, flatman.  Feb 1834

Starkey, Thomas, Witton near Northwich, flatman.  May 1837

Steel, Anne, Witton, servant, spinster.  Sep 1837

Steel, Thomas, Northwich, coachman.  May 1837

Tinker, John, Northwich, bachelor. A Apr. 1835

Tomkinson, Richard, Witton, salt proprietor.  Nov 1835

Tomlinson, John, Northwich, brazier.  Oct 1837  (1st grant 1825)

Woods, Isaac, Witton, labr. A Feb. 1835 *


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