Wills & Inventories 1577-1780


Wills & Inventories Preserved at the Diocesan Registry, Chester 1577-1607

Barrington, John, of Northwich, Chesh. W. & I.  1582

Broome, Thomas, of Northwich, Chesh. a/c  1596

Fox, Robert, of Northwich, Chesh. Dep.  1605-6

Pover, Roger, of Northwich Inv., a/c, &c.  1577

Winnington, Hugh, of Northwich, Chesh. Dep.  1607


‘Infra’ Wills ie those under £40. Now Preserved in the Probate Registry, Chester, 1590-1665.

Alexander, Elizabeth, of Castle Northwich Will  1616

Alexander, John, of Castle Northwich Inv.  1616

Billington, Richd., of Northwich Will  1641

Edwards, John, of Northwich Inv.  1616

Gorst, Robert, of Northwich Inv.  1616

Horton, Roger, of Northwich Inv.  1616

Pickmere, Thos., of Northwich Inv.  1616


Supplementary, of Wills supposed to be lost but now at Chester.

Alsopp, John, of Castle Northwich Ad. and Inv. (1670)


List of the Wills Now Preserved in the Probate Court, Chester, From the Year 1681 to 1700 Inclusive.

Ainsworth, Alice, of Witton, widow  1683

Ainsworth, Laurence, of Witton Admon with Inv  1687

Amery, John, of Northwich Admon  1691

Apshall, William, of Northwich, mercer  1700

Astley, Henry, of Witton  1696

Baguley, John, of Witton Admon  1695

Biggins, Roger, of Witton Admon  1686

Bostock, George, of Northwich, yeoman  1699

Bostock, William, of Northwich Admon  1683

Bostock, William, of Northwich Admon  1691

Bromfield, Thomason, of Witton Admon  1696

Broome, John, of Northwich  1684

Brough, Robert, of Witton, tanner  1699

Carter, Joan, of Northwich  1684

Cheney, Ralph, of Northwich  1691

Clayton, John, of Witton  1683

Davenport, John, of Witton, tailor  1699

Dewsbury, George, of Northwich  1683

Eaton, William, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1697

Frodsham, Peter, of Northwich Admon  1683

Furnace, George, of Northwich, husbandman Admon with Inv  1700

Harpur, Edward, of Northwich  1691

Haslegreave, Thomas, of Northwich, yeoman  1699

Helsby, Ralph, of Northwich, butcher Admon with Inv  1700

Hodgkinson, Samuel, of Castle Northwich  1682

Holden, John, of Witton, yeoman  1698

Houghton, Thomas, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1683

Jackson, Robert, of Witton, yeoman Admon  1694

Jeffreys, Nathan, of Northwich  1683

Leftwich, Ralph, of Northwich  1686

Leftwich, Ralph, of Northwich, gentleman Admon with Inv  1686

Lowe, Lydia, of Northwich, widow  1700

Massie, Richard, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1699

Norcott, Mary, of Northwich  1686

Pownall, Ralph, of Witton  1682

Pownall, William, minor, of Witton Admon  1690

Simmons, Edmund, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1681

Twamloe, Margery, of Northwich Admon  1683

Walton, Richard, of Witton  1690


 List of "Infra" Wills (or Those in Which the Personalty Was under £40) Now Preserved at the Probate Court, Chester.

Brown, Giles, of Witton, webster Admon with Inv  1688

Church, Richard, of Northwich, gentleman  1687

Fryer, John, of Northwich Admon  1687

Lawton, Elizabeth, of Northwich, widow  1689

Leftwich, Susannah, of Northwich, widow  1692

Lord, Anne, wife of George Lord, of Northwich  1687

Maryet, Edward, the elder, of Witton, gentleman  1688

Parsivall, Ellen, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1690  See also Percival

Pownall, Margaret, of Witton, widow  1687

Robinson, George, of Northwich, yeoman Admon with Inv  1688

Tarbock, Peter, of Witton Admon  1687

Supplementary, of Wills supposed to be lost but now at Chester

Walton, Robert, of Northwich, co. Chester, joiner 1693



List of the Wills Now Preserved in the Probate Court, Chester, From the Year 1701 to 1720 Inclusive.

Angell, Catharine, of Northwich, widow  1701

Barker, Thomas, of Northwich, gentleman  1702

Barlow, Charles, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1701

Barlow, George, of Northwich, yeoman Admon with Inv  1711

Birkenhead, John, of Northwich, grocer  1713

Broom, Ottiwell, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1705

Brown, John, of Witton, paver Admon with Inv  1720

Cheney, Christian, of Northwich, widow  1714

Cheney, Thomas, of Northwich, ironmonger  1708

Dalton, Samuel, of Northwich, butcher Admon  1710

Eaton, Margery, of Northwich, widow  1701

Fallows, Joseph, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1701

Finlow, Thomas, of Northwich, clerk Admon  1720

Fishwick, John, of Northwich, clerk Admon with Inv  1719

Fysick, William, of Witton Admon  1713

Hignett, William, of Witton, malster Admon  1706

Houghland, Isaac, of Witton Admon with Inv  1719

Jeffries, John, of Northwich, butcher Admon  1718

Jeffries, William, of Northwich, butcher  1707

Key, Sarah, of Northwich, spinster Admon  1716

Low, John, junior, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1702

Maddock, Laurence, of Castle Northwich Admon with Inv  1717

Marsden, Christopher, of Witton Admon  1704

Massey, Peter, of Northwich  1710

Mearick, Abraham, of Northwich, ironmonger Admon  1708

Neild, Margery, of Witton Admon  1707

Neild, Thomas, of Northwich, gentleman  1706

Neild, Thomas, of Witton, yeoman  1720

Pownall, Robert, of Witton, yeoman Admon  1710

Rowland, William, of Northwich, sadler Admon with Inv  1711

Shelton, William, of Witton, gentleman  1714

Stubbs, George, of Northwich Admon with Inv  1702

Woodgate, Stephen, of Witton Admon with Inv  1711


List of the Wills Now Preserved in the Probate Court, Chester, From the Year 1741 to 1760 Inclusive.

Ainsworth, George, of Witton, weaver  1753

Ainsworth, Humphrey, of Witton, weaver  1760

Ainsworth, Thomas, of Witton, yeoman  1757

Antrobus, Walter, of Northwich, apothecary Admon  1757

Astley, James, of Witton, husbandman Admon  1747

Bagaley, William, of Northwich, jersey comber  1747

Baggaley, Ann, of Witton, widow  1760

Barker, William, of Northwich, mercer Admon and Inv  1746

Barrow, Edward, of Northwich, merchant  1746

Barrow, Ralph, of Northwich, gentleman  1754

Barrow, Thomas, of Northwich, apothecary Admon  1745

Broome, John, of Northwich, nailor  1749

Broome, John, of Witton, yeoman  1749

Brown, Thomas, of Northwich, woollen draper Admon  1746

Cheney, James, of Northwich, gentleman Admon  1749

Dale, Thomas, of Witton, gentleman Admon  1752

Ditchfield, William, of Northwich, cordwainer Admon  1747

Eachus, George, of Northwich, apothecary  1752

Eaton, Peter, of Witton, gentleman Admon  1746

Ford, Stephen, of Northwich, merchant  1746

Gorst, Thomas, of Northwich, butcher  1760

Harrop, James, of Northwich, linen draper Admon  1750

Houghton, Jeffrey, of Northwich  1742

Hunt, John, of Northwich, gentleman Admon  1752

Jeffreys, Samuel, of Northwich, butcher  1752

Kennedy, John, of Northwich, innkeeper Admon  1746

Kinsey, Strettel, senior, late of Witton, yeoman  1755

Latham, Samuel, of Northwich, whitesmith Admon  1748

Livesey, Robert, of Northwich, esquire Admon  1746

Maddock, John, of Castle Northwich, maltster  1744

Maddock, Robert, of Witton, husbandman Admon  1758

Metcalfe, Samuel, of Northwich, grocer Admon  1753

See also Medcalfe

Miller, Samuel, of Northwich, cordwainer Admon  1747

Moore, Ann, of Northwich, spinster  1756

Moss, Abraham, of Castle Northwich, tallow chandler Admon  1744

Moss, William, of Castle Northwich, tallow chandler  1750

Paynter, William, of Witton, rockgetter Admon  1753

Pike, John, late of Witton Admon  1741  and  1742

Poole, John, of Northwich, woollen draper Admon  1750

Pownall, Mary, of Northwich, spinster  1751

Priestner, John, of Witton, near Northwich, gentleman  1758

Simner, Richard, of Northwich, bricklayer  1752

See also Sumner

Southworth, James, of Witton in Blackburn, weaver Admon  1753

Steele, Thomas, of Northwich, chandler  1759

Sumner, John, of Northwich, yeoman  1755

Vernon, Jonadab, of Northwich, gentleman  1752

Wharton, John, of Northwich, butcher  1759

Worrall, Ann, of Witton, widow Admon  1753

Wright, Samuel, of Northwich, clockmaker  1757


Wills Under £40

Maddock, John, of Castle Northwich, maltster Admon  1749


Wills & Inventories 1761-1780

Acton, Samuel, of Witton, barber Admon.  1778

Allen, William, of Witton, sail maker  1779

Andrews, Richard, of Northwich, innkeeper Admon.  1762

Antrobus, John, of Northwich, joiner  1771

Ashton, John, of Northwich, flatman  1773

Bagguley, William, of Witton, tanner  1761

Baldwin, Percivall, of Witton, gentleman  1762

Barnes, Betty, of Northwich, milliner Admon.  1776

Barrow, John, of Northwich  1777

Barrow, Jonadab, of Northwich, but late of Colchester, gentleman  1771

Barrow, Ralph, of Nantwich, or Northwich, gentleman  1765

Barrow, Thomas, of Northwich, gentleman  1765

Barton, George, of Northwich, Breeches maker  1764

Beswick, Richard, of Northwich, flatman Admon.  1774

Bird, Richard, of Witton, yeoman  1765

Birkenhead, John, of Witton, innkeeper Admon.  1764

Blinston, Jonathon, of Northwich, gentleman  1761

Boardman, Ann, of Witton, widow  1775

Boardman, Edward, of Witton, parish of Blackburn, yeoman  1767

Brayne, Jonathan, of Northwich, gentleman Admon.  1767

Briarcliffe, Christopher, of Witton, carrier Admon.  1765

Broome, Ann, of Northwich, widow  1765

Broome, Eleanor, of Witton, widow  1766

Bullock, Sarah, of Northwich, widow Admon.  1774

Carter, John, of Witton, surgeon Admon.  1778

Cheney, Sarah, of Northwich, widow Admon.  1767

Cook, Samuel, the younger, of Witton, sadler Admon.  1772

Crimes, John, of Northwich, husbandman Admon.  1769

Crowder, Mary, of Witton Admon.  1772

Dale, George, of Witton, brazier  1762

Davies, the Revd Thomas, of Northwich, clerk Admon.  1768

Davies, Revd. Thomas, of Northwich, clerk Admon.  1772

Dean, Sarah, of Northwich, widow  1774

Eachus, George, of Northwich, apothecary  1770

Edge, Samuel, of Witton, draper Admon.  1762

Fluitt, Benjamin, of Northwich, surgeon Admon.  1762

Formosson, John Peter, of Northwich, merchant  1765

Forrester, William, of Witton, glazier  1766

Forster, John, of Witton Admon.  1778

Green, William, of Northwich, innkeeper  1761

Hallawell, Elizabeth, of Northwich, widow  1778

Hallawell, Thomas, of Northwich, innkeeper  1778

Hassall, John, of Northwich, watchman  1765

Hayward, William, of Northwich, grocer Admon.  1770

Higginson, Ann, of Northwich, widow  1776

Higginson, Samuel, of Hartford, chapelry of Witton  1770

Hine, Philip, of Northwich, labourer Admon.  1771

Hodson, John, of Witton, plumber and glazier Admon.  1771

Holland, John, of Witton, ship carpenter Admon.  1780

Hughes, Thomas, of Witton cum Twanbrooks, rock gatherer Admon.  1768

Hunt, John, of Castle Northwich, merchant  1764

Hyde, Heath, of Northwich, gentleman  1766

Jefferys, Thomas, of Northwich, salt proprietor  1766

Jeffreys, John, of Northwich, merchant  1764

Kaye, Thomas, of Northwich, gentleman  1773

Lamb, Randle, of Northwich, carpenter  1778

Latham, Thomas, of Northwich, blacksmith and victualler  1776

Maddock, John, of the Castle of Northwich, yeoman  1776

Maltus, Charles, of Northwich, innkeeper  1777

Manley, John, of Witton, bricklayer Admon.  1780

Marshall, Thomas, of Northwich, gentleman  1772

Massey, John, of Northwich, sadler  1770

Moore, Benjamin, of Witton, carpenter  1776

Mort, Joseph, of Northwich, gentleman  1768

Mort, Margaret, of Northwich, widow  1768

Moulton, William, the elder, of Witton, labourer  1777

Muckalt, Richard, of Northwich, boat builder  1777

Muckalt, William, of Northwich, ship carpenter Admon.  1773

Newall, Thomas, of Witton, tanner  1778

Page, Thomas, of Witton, yeoman  1778

Percival, George, of Witton, yeoman  1780

Perry, Richard, of Northwich, waller  1767

Poole, James, of Northwich, innkeeper Admon.  1774

Poole, John, of Witton, yeoman  1771

Poole, Richard, of Witton, yeoman  1780

Pownall, Robt., of Witton, gentleman  1780

Poynton, Edward, of Northwich, carpenter  1770

Pratchett, Mary, of Northwich, spinster  1768

Roberts, John, of Northwich, breeches maker Admon.  1773

Rowe, Thomas, of Chapelry of Witton, a bachelor Admon.  1768

Saxon, John, of Northwich, grocer Admon.  1762

Sedgwick, James, of Northwich, malster Admon.  1761

Sharples, Thomas, of Witton, yeoman  1770

Sheen, Thomas, of Northwich, ship carpenter Admon.  1765

Skelhorn, Samuel, of Witton, corn factor Admon.  1770

Smalley, Richard, of Witton, carrier  1765

Smith, John, of Northwich, esquire Admon.  1771

Smith, John, of Northwich, esquire Admon.  1779

Sudlow, Peter, of Witton, shopkeeper  1778

Sumnor, Richard, of Northwich, butcher Admon.  1778

Sunderland, Ann, of Northwich, spinster  1777

Sunderland, Samuel, of Northwich, mercer  1776

Wallbeoff, Rowland, of Northwich, officer of salt duties  1763

Walmesley, James, of Witton, yeoman  1772

Warburton, John, of Witton, gardener Admon.  1775

Warburton, Thomas, of Northwich, innkeeper  1780

Wild, William, of Northwich, victualler Admon.  1780

Wooral, John, of Northwich, baker Admon.  1769


‘Infra’ Wills (Under £40)

Ashton, Martha, of Northwich, widow  1776

Houghton, Mary, of Northwich Admon.  1776


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