The Will of Robert Newall, of Northwich, Dated 1519.

In dei noie Amen, 12 Mar 1519 I Robt Newall of the Northwich hoall of mynde and sycke in Body make my testament 1 thys man as foloyth first I bequeth my Soule to Almighty God and to or lady Sanct Mary and to all the holly Company of hevyn & my body to be buryed in the chapell of Witton and my best [sic] to a mortuarye I devise & bequeth to Elyn my wyff and my children by the said Ellyn lawfully begoten the tme of my howse and off all my other takynge wthin the Cowty of Chest and all my goode and catalle movable and unmoveable & dette what so eu they be. Also I orden & make Ellyn my wiffe my true & lawful executor to pforme this my laste will & to dispose for my soule as she shall thinke covenyent In wittnes wherof to this my last wyll I have sette my seall the day & yere aboue said. These being Witneses to the sealinge off this testamet. Robt Wynyngton John Wynnynton Edward Bradshaw John Kocker Ric Foxhols and other Dyuse.




The Will of Margerie Higson, of the Parish of Whitegate, Co. Chester, Widow, Dated 1623.

In the name of God, Amen, the 22 Oct 1623. I Margerie Higson of the parish of Whitegate co. Chester, widow, being weakened by sickness yet of perfect mind. My body I do commit to the earth to be decently interred in Christian burial at the parish church of Over. And as concerning my worldly goods I give them to the world to be disposed of as follows. First I give and bequeath to my sister Margaret 10s in money, and to her son John Nightgale 3. I give to the poor of the parish of Over (except Wetnall and Olton Loe) also to the poor of the parish of Whitegate (except Darnall), 20, which sum Mr Thomas Manwaringe of Marton Sand oweth me, and my mind is that the churchwardens of either parish shall take and receive the same money either by love or by law, of the said Thomas Manwaringe, and divide the same sum equally betwixt the said parishes, and to be put forth to the use of the said poor people of either parish by the said churchwardens, and to be a stock for the said poor and the interest thereof to remain to the said poor every year's end. And also the putting forth of the said stock into sufficient men's hands upon good security. And my mind also is that the Vicar of either parish and the churchwardens every year have out of the said interest every one 18d for their pains. I give to the poor people that shall come to the house and place where it pleaseth God to call me away every one a penny, and to every of my godchildren 12d. To Randle Baker son of Richard Baker 12d. To Mary Higson daughter of Richard Higson 5s. To the children of William Higson his brother, every one 12d. To Randle Barker son of Alis Barker, widow, 12d. To Peter Eloms 20s in money. To John Hase and his wife, either 10s in money, and to their servant John Smith 10s. To Thomas Barker of Gavell Greene, one of my executors, all the debt he oweth me. To Raffe Barker my uncle 10s in money. I give more to my sister Margaret my gown. All the rest of my goods whatsoever I give to my executors hereafter named to dispose of them as they best think good, with all debts, bills, bonds, and any debt that is due to me, they out of the whole to discharge all such legacies, funeral expenses, and to see me honestly buried. I give to Henry Chatterton 12d.

Debts owing to me by bill and bond. Andrewe Burton 10s George Maddocke 10s Raffe Manwaringe 10s William Higson 10s Robert Penketh 10s Robert Cleyton of the Northwich 10s William fforster the younger, 10s, Raffe Nightgale 3s and his mother 2s and his brother Peter 11s.

I make my executors Peter Elloms of Over and Thomas Barker of Gale greene, and my overseer Thomas Baker to see this my last will performed.

Signu p'dic Margerie Higson testator.

Witnesses-- Henry Chatterton Mawde Hase wife of John Hase with others.

Margerie Higson widow was buried at Over the 04 Dec 1624.


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