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   "First of all, I have been working in real estate for 5 years. Before coming to Fillmore, I was  involved with a major real estate franchise. While working at that franchise, it was each person for himself  working in an absolutely cutthroat environment.  The prime of my real estate career started when I came to Fillmore Avenue L in 2006 - this is where I have experienced both sides of real estate, the good and bad - one cannot express the appreciation of  the real estate business until one sees its true roots, and thats exactly what Fillmore Ave L office has done for me. They have provided me with an experience that I will truly value for a long time."

   "Before I came to Fillmore Ave L, I said to myself that if I did not make it with Jean-Paul, I would quit real estate as a whole. But now, I praise the mentors and Jean-Paul for their care and tremendous support which I find unique. This program has given me the self confidence I need and without this program, I would not be where I am today."

   "I have worked with several real estate firms. Throughout my time in these firms, I only managed to make around 15 grand a year. I even used my savings to pay for my personal expenses. When I first joined Jean-Paul's office in 2003, I became the Fillmore Real Estate's Rookie of the Year, an accomplishment  that I did not expect at all. Following that, I was inducted into the 1 Million Dollar Club and the President's society. I am grateful of Jean-Paul's vision. JP is a true leader and a great inspiration to me which is why I am now a mentor myself and willing to share all my success with my mentees."

"I have learned a great deal from my Mentors Natasha and Carine. Beginning with how to properly keep records, cold calling techniques, and everything from calling FSBO's to setting appointments to listing presentation preparation to the actual presentation. My mentors have been supportive and have accompanied me on appointments still allowing me to make my own presentation all the while guiding me in the right direction along the way. They have taught me to prioritize, professionalism, persistence and consistency.

     This program is giving me confidence that I did not have before that will afford me the opportunity to be a top-producing agent. I am thankful to Jean Paul for creating the program, thankful to Fillmore for recognizing the benefits of this program and taking it company wide, thankful to my Managers for supporting and participating in the program, and especially thankful to my mentors for being great teachers and to all for believing in me."

"Coming from a different real estate market, I was thankful for the mentoring program. Every house operates differently and having Mentors was a great way to learn how the Fillmore family operates.  It has been seven months now, with a few deals under my belt, I am pleased to say. And I can still go to my Mentors for any assistance needed.

     Thank you Jean-Paul for the idea. Thank you Carine and Natasha for your continued guidance and support."

"I understand and appreciate a program like this one because I have seen many agents pick up bad habits or just left out in the cold to learn/find their way without a flash light."
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