Principal Samson's School
The problem in society --> lack of awareness of ego which results in...
--> Jealousy
--> Racism
--> Insecurity
--> Crime

Education is the solution at Principal Samson's School. An environment where appropriate behaviors are taught, including an awareness of ego.
--> Meaningful activities
--> Questioning
--> Active learning
--> Community involvement
--> Involvement with the community
--> Awareness of others
My Info: Felicia Samson
Email: [email protected]
Details of Principal Samson's School:
Active Learning Strategies
Expected School Learning Results
Forums and Meetings
K-12 Learning Communities
Schoolwide Activities
Success For All Students
Teaching Tips and Philosophies
An effective learning community can be compared to music that:
--> has a pulse
--> encourages and supports practice
--> focuses on technique
--> encourages variations
--> encourages runs and flourishes
--> refines succesful practices
--> develops presence
--> incoroporates costumes
--> results in recitals, performances, shows, productions

Principal Samson's effective learning community is a production
--> Everything and everyone has a job and purpose
--> Everyone possesses basic knowledge of the entire production
--> The school is a fluid, well-orchestrated symphony, not noise.
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