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This web site is called "Feliciano Fiesta" because it is a CELEBRATION of the life, work and music of Josť Feliciano.

In early 2001 I knew nothing about web sites and HTML. With a lot of help from a friend I've learned to make this site to express how I feel about Josť!

I can only offer the following as explanation for this craziness!

In 1969 I was twelve years old and read an article about Josť Feliciano in a teen magazine; intrigued I kept the article and photo and six months later bought my first Feliciano record "Windmills of Your Mind".

I was immediately "hooked" my contemporaries were madly in love with Donny Osmond I was in love with with Josť!

Thirty years later teenage adoration has turned to enormous respect for Josť. Respect for his many talents, his genius, his humanity, his spirit and spirituality, his humour..(well maybe not respect but he makes me laugh!)

We all have many threads running through our lives; our families, our jobs our hobbies; mine has an extra thread - Josť Feliciano and his music which has sometimes taken me to "places" I would never have thought of going.

This website is a tribute to Josť and is being developed in the hope I can bring the joy of his music to others!

If you want "official" information on Josť click on his picture to go to his personal web site.

My site has five main parts at the moment:

Living Legend in which I list some of Josť's Achievements and

Memory Lane in which others share their memories of Josť.

Seen and Heard In which recent performances in all media are shared.

Trivia a where a quiz will be posted monthly

News in which I will share any factual information I find about José.

If you don't know as much as you would like about Josť Feliciano - the man behind the music click here

I want to thank the following for their help in making this web site possible! Josť for inspiring me to attempt to achieve something which seemed impossible (again!). My anonymous "guardian angel" who sometimes amends my errors without me realising! Alan Wilson for on going support and everyone who, has, and will contribute to this site!

The picture of Josť on this page is copyrighted to Feliciano Enterprises, Inc and is used with their kind permission.The drawings of José on this site are by Bejarne Jansen and are used with his permission

© Copyright 2001 Janet Handley - All Rights Reserved

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