Spiritual Frauds Exposed!

This is the story of Sudhamani, an uneducated girl from the coastal village of Kerala, shot into World's Spiritual Arena as Mata Amrithananda Mayi, running multi-million dollar organizations and pocketing UN sposnosred International Awards! Let's start:

Vallikkavu Quilon, Kerala Early years from 1953

Avatar According to biographer Ramakrishnan Nair

The following have short English summary with photo of original pages from the Malayalam Book by M.T. Rishikumar.

Mysterious Disappearances Part I

Mysterious Disappearances Part II

Mysterious Disappearances Part III

Mysterious Disappearances Part IV

Mysterious Disappearances Part V

Godmen, Rape and Thantra

Godmen and Raping Three godmen in one month, charged for raping, killing. Gullible victims, a society steeped in spirituality.
The Cult of the Hugging Saint 2009 June - reproduced from the Web
Mother Cult leader - UN Globalist
More Revelations on the Cult Leader
May 2005

Politicians made Slaves

Politicians of all parties - Cong, BJP, Communists - have been converted to slaves of mafia of various nature in the new India. Here we see Kerala's prominent Communist leader for 4 decades, K.R.Gowri bowing in front of the new corporate Mafia Power! why not? If the President of India, who is a former scientist at ISRO behave like a slave of Sai Baba and Mata Mayi, why not Gowri?

March 2004

Sukumar Azhikode Writes on Mata Mayi

Wellknown writer and Sanskrit/Vedic scholar Dr Sukumar Azhikode has written an article exposing the "Mata Mayi" divinity and operations. The article was first returned by a weekly (where Azhikode usually writes). The wekly did not want to displease "Mayi Corporate" Organization, for fear of Adverstisement Revenues. Azhikode slams the state of freedom of expression in our state and the country! Congratulations for showing the courage to come out open against a spiritual/financial fraud.

Here is the article in pdf format. Azhikode Article No font problems here.

Caroline Abitbole 2002 French Woman falls to death at the Ashram! Experiences of a Gullible In the USA and India


Matha Mayi Propaganda in Janmabhoomi RSS paper becomes puppet
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