The Miracle Story Amritananda Mayi

There is also another side of Mayi story propagated by her devotees and the Trust. Amritha Trust has published her official biography written by Prof M Ramakrishnan Nair. The abridged English version is called "The Mother of Sweet Bliss". This is full of "Miracle Stories" . Here is a summary. Page References are page numbers in the Malayalam version of the Book. Some comments in red from us here.

Born in 1953 at Parayankadavu, Vallikkavu, Quilon, Kerala, India in a fisherman family. Named Sudhamani. Father : Sugunanandan and mother Damayanthi. They had 7 children altogether. Traditionally superstitious like any coastal family in Kerala who were also uneducated.

Amritananda Mayi does not claim to be a sanyasin. Insteas she claims to be "avatar". Avatar of God . [ Page 15]

Since 1947 India went away from "dharma marga". Amritananda Mayi is born to restore Dharma in India. [Page 26]

The baby didn't cry when she was born. Instead she smiled! The baby was blue in color! The blue color later became dark complexion. The baby started speaking when she was just 6 months old. At 7 months she was running. [Page 49]

Sudhamani started singing keerthanas at the age of two! [Page 50]

Sudhamani will simply look into water or meditate into the sky. The parents used to scold the girl. The sad look of the girl disturbed the parents. [Pages 55-56] Comments: Mr Nair is contradicting his own earlier statements on the divinity of the child. If the parents were surprised by the unusual abilities of the child, why were they scolding her now?

The parents were very strict and were conscious about the morality. Sudhanmni's body had scars from the beating from her mother, Damayanthi. Her mother espcially didn't like her ("Chathurthi"!) [Page 48, 52, 63].

Meanwhile the girl stopped her school at fourth standard! [Comments: Where did the brillaince go now?]

The family employed Sudhamani as househelp in neigbhouring families (as is done by many poor people). But Sudhamani had to stop this after being accused of stealing things from those places. Earlier too Sudhamani used to steal things from her home. Now after losing her job, she was mis-treated even more by her family members. [Pages 53, 71]

Once Damayanthi shouted at her "You are not my daughter!" [Page 71]

Soon Sudhamani started talking to herself. "This is sign of mental illness" the family thought.[Page 76]

The biography continues with stories of Sudhamani's disturbed mental state and the family's response to that. She started having hallucinations like floating and flying through the air. One day a neighbour took the girl with her. Sudhamani cried for some time and then removed her clothes and started rolling on the floor. Wearing clothes was unbearable to Sudhamani.[Page 210, 124]

Her brother Subhagan said that she was mentally sick. [Page 121]

Krishna Bhava

Sudhamani had started learning dance. Could not complete this. Then she started learning coir weaving (tarditional job of coastal fisherwomen in Kerala). She got epilepsy. Her father took her to a "manthravadi". [ Page 19, 20]

Sudhamani used to walk along the sea shore singing "keerthanas" to God. She started feeling the touch of Krishna. Then she will feel unconscious. When she wakes up, she will cry loud. [ Page 67]

At night she started seeing Krishna. She could hera flute. She started dancing with Krishna.Once Krishna appeared to her a baby and the baby suckled milk from her breast! [Page 93 Comments: Hallucination seems to have reached a climax now. Extreme case of Glossolalia or even Schizophrenia]

In 1975 (Malayalam Era 1150 Kumbham 21] she declared that Krishna has entered her soul. She entered a bhajana and behaved like Krishna. She blessed people around. [Page 97]

Next day also Sudhamani entered Krishna Bhava. She asked a devotee for water. When the water was taken out of the bowl it was converted to milk.! Then another person was given the same water. Now it was converted to "Panchamrith". The whole crowd was given "Panchamrith". But there was still more in the bowl! [Page 99 Comments: looks a like a repeat of Jesus Christ's story. But her own neighbours Pavizhasena Panicker, Jithendran and VK Anandam - have all denied all of these miracle stories. They have all been fabricated by the mafia devotees later.. much later. There was mention about a non existent "Althara" (a large tree usually grown near temples)]

Devi Bhava


By now Sudhamani was acting Krishna Bhava three times a week. Suddenly one day she started acting as Devi - This was the beginning of Devi Bhava. One day a globe of brilliant light appeared before her. Out of it came a vision of the Mother of the Universe, so extraordinary, so beautiful, that Ammachi now longed to see her again. Before Ammachi had thought Krishna was everything. Now, with the appearance of the Mother, an even greater longing arose within her. Sudhamani called on to Krishna who took her to heavenly heights. [Page 113-114]

From now she was all the time in Samadhi. When she wakes up she calls "Amma, Amma" . During Devi Bhava she took people to her lap, embraced them and pressed them to her body! People felt electricity going through their body during these embraces. [Page 245 Comments. This was the beginning of the Hugging Mother, which was going to be popular all the way into mid 90s]

Non believers started making fun of her. Her touching and embracing both male and female alike disturbed her father and brother. [Page 148 Comments. But soon money from devotees silenced her father though Subhagan continued his opposition which was gproved fatal in the end.]



Subhagan Dies

Her elder brother tried to stop these spiritual darshans and bhavas because it was giving the family a bad name. "If you don't stop it we will kill you!" He told her. He didn't like his sister touching other people during the Bhava. [Page 104, 106]

One day Sudhamani called her mother Damayanthi and told her. Our brother (Subhagan) doesn't seem to have a long life. You must do some 'vrathas' (meditations) to rectify this. One day she told a Muslim devotee (who was insulted by Subhagan) that Subhagans days are numbered. [Page 151]

Finally Subhagan was found hanging on 2nd June 1978. The biography continues on this: By now Subhagan had become a patient of filariasis. Underwent English medicine. Started taking sleeping pills.Then committed suicide. At this time Sudhamani was at devotees place doing Bhajana. [Page 150-151 Comments: Why didn't she see with all her powers that Subhagan was committing suicide and try to stop him? She was doing healing. Why didn't she heal him of his disease. Instead she had already predicted hisn death! Several of the neighbours pointed out that body didn't have hanging marks. No sign of death by hanging. The story among the villagers was that there was a tussle between Sugunandan and Subhagan and during that Subhagan was kicked by his father. He had a fatal fall and died. His body was hanged with the help of a neighbour named Kunjupanicker (Sofia)!]

Official Biography admits some of the protests. Many temple committes and youngsters formed a "Anti-Supersition Committe" and came in thousands during the Bhajana and shouted slogans. [Page 185]

This had some impact. But Police eventually concluded it as suicide. [Page 151. Comments: The house is within Karunagapilly Police Station limits. Police had prepared an inquest report after they found the body but before the postmortem. But this record is nowhere to be seen today. The record at the station for those days only shows reference to a KSEB Strike! Why was the report removed? ]

After Subhagan's death all the relatives hated Sudhamani and family. Relatives treated the familya s outcast. One day even Suganan lost his temper to Sudhamani. "Is this what we got from Amma devi? People are calling me a murderer of my own son![Page 166-167]

Comments: Sudhamni predicted that Subhagan will be reborn And when her sister gave birth to a child three years later, she claimed that it was the rebirth of Subhagan. By this time Amritananda Mayi had become a living God. A powerful group of people with vested interests had already taken over the control of the Ashramam. This included politicians, merchants, Judges, Police officials. It is around the same time foreigners started taking interest. Werner, Peter etc are some of the foreign names appearing at this time.Soon the Ashramam was flooded with foreigners. Money poured in to silence any critcism.

False Miracle Stories

Is there any reason why Matha was born in a village in Kerala? One cannot guess God's mind. There has not been any Ashram in the coastal area in the last 1000 years. Parayankadu was a sacred land hundreds of years ago, Devi has said. The current Ashramam is sitting on top of the location of an old temple. (page 26, 36 Comments: The statements contradict each other!]

One day a sanyasi came to Sugunanandan when he was in fourth standard and told him that this place will become a sacred place in future! [Page 44-45]

On day a Hatha Yogi came to Sugunanandan and told him: " You are a Brahmin. I can see your sacred thread! [Page 45 Comments: This is to give some kind of legibility to Devi because otherwise they belong to untouchable caste of fishermen, far below Sudra!]

Damayanthi used to observe all rituals very strictly. She usually drinks tender coconut to break the fast. Once she could n't get anyone to pluck the coconut. But then the coconut falls by itself every time!!! [Page 46]

One day it started raining. The darshan was taking place near the "Althara" (a big tree). But strangely enough rain didn't fall where people were standing near the Althara. [Page 101]

One day a snake started towards the Althara. Sudhamani simply took the snake and kissed him. From then onwards the snake never disturbed people.[Page 101. Comments. All miracles have been fabricated according to neighbours who knew Sudhamani from early childhood. There was no Althara there near the sea shore. Snakes usually cannot live near salty places like seashore.]

Once the fishermen were struggling because they were not getting any fish from teh sea. Sudhamani gave the people some "thulasi leaf (a herbal plant)) to be thrown into the sea. Then Sudhamani danced near the seashore People did it and the whole sea was full of fish again! [Page 102 Comments. Pavizhasenan Panicker refutes this story: First of all fishermen were against Sudhamani's activities. When they had problem with fish catch, the fishermen approached the district collector for help. Each family was given 2 Kg rice as a relief. There was no help from Sudhamani!]

Once the opposition people gave Sudhamani poison in milk, She drank that and vomited it out! Once Subhagan destroyed the oil lamp. When people came there was no lamp. Sudhamani asked them to bring shells from the sea shore. They lit them without even oil. Until the Bhavam was over the lights were burning![Page 105]








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