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Index of faekitty pages. 
Buffy/ Angel Villains
Celt Digital
Have a Little Faith (Fan fic)
The Misunderstood Villains of Mystery Science Theater 3000
Wicked Game (I do some coding for this site) 
My Favorite Villains
Digital Library Links
My Favorite Links

Yahoo Groups, owned/supported by me.
Buffy/Angel's Rogue's Gallery.  Discuss your favorite villains from Buffy and Angel. 
Original Fiction  This is my online fiction workshop. 
Holland Manners  Here is a place to discuss the manipulative Lawyer/Elevator Operator to Hell from the show Angel. 
Wicked Game  Faith, Lindsey. Friends, enemies, lovers. As long as they are together in fic, post it here. 
[Safe and Free: Safe and Free: Safe and Free in Times of Crisis]


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