Rants and Opinions
This is where I put my pages about my beliefs. I will also be willing to put up arguments sent to me, as long as they do not contain fallacies and personal attacks. If you wish to send me an argument, e-mail me. The newest are at the bottom.
Note: On March 21, 2005, I decided to start putting the date made and date last edited on my articles. If there is no date on an article, this means it was either made/last edited before March 21, 2005, or I forgot (as I often do) to put the date on.
The Rants:
Choice and Abortion
Many people involved in the abortion debate don't really understand the situation. By Ettina.
Myths about autism
An informational piece, not quite finished, about the myths of autism. By Ettina.
Quality of life
An argument about how functioning level is not related to happiness, citing giftedness and Angelman Syndrome as examples. By Ettina.
Sticks and Stones
About teasing, and how the phrase 'sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me' isn't true. By Ettina
Thoughts on Psychotherapy
About why my experience of psychotherapy was much better than most autistic people. Unfinished. By Ettina
Speculations and insights about NTs
Not exactly a rant, this is more a column-thingy that I post insights about NTs on. By Ettina
Animals and PTSD
A rebuttal to the belief expressed by one book that animals can't be traumatised. By Ettina
Neurotypical Disorder with Comorbid Normal Personality Disorder - A Case Study
An analysis of Kit Weintraub's
A Mother's Response(responding to Misbehaviour of Behaviourists by Michelle Dawson) and a parody of the descriptions of autism. Points out the logic errors in her argument and possible reasons for them. This is a joke, but some of it is meant seriously. By Ettina
Analysis of the Schafer Autism Report Special Edition: In Defense of Behavioural Treatment for Autism
As the title suggests, an analysis of Lenny Schafer's attack on Michelle Dawson and the autistic rights movement. Unfinished. By Ettina.
The Difference Between Pedophilia and Homosexuality
Some people, both for and against homosexuality, compare it to pedophilia. But there is an important difference. Unfinished. By Ettina. I will probably not finish this anytime soon, since I need to work out my issues about sexual abuse some more first.
MMR and Autism
An analysis of the alleged link between MMR vaccination at 18 months and autism. By Ettina.
Cure for Ignorance Campaign
A google-bombing autism awareness campaign I joined. This will probably become my links website.
Autistics, Play and Imagination
An analysis of how to define play and imagination, and whether autistics really are impaired in those areas. By Ettina.
Rare Syndrome Stereotype
A description of a stereotype I've noticed doctors make, of a child with a rare syndrome who will never walk or talk and probably won't live to [insert age], and my response to it. This was originally written for a new member of the
Holoprosencephaly Yahoo Group. By Ettina
Letter To Autism Speaks
A letter to the webmasters of a highly offensive website,
Autism Speaks. Despite the name, autism speaks is not about autistics speaking, but NTs speaking for autistics. As I have gotten no response, it appears I can add "not listening to autistics" to that description. I wrote this quite awhile ago, but only recently got around to putting it up. By Ettina
Person-first Language and Other Terminology Issues
An analysis of the issue of politically correct language, and whether it really matters that much. By Ettina
Letter to Mikita Brottman(off-site)
Mikita Brottman wrote a discriminatory article about Asperger Syndrome called
Nutty Professors. This link is to a number of responses to that article, one of which is mine.
Testing Facilitated Communication
Facilitated communication is a controversial communication method. Many studies have shown FC users typing what their facilitator knows rather than what they know, which is assumed to be proof FC is a hoax. However, advocates of FC have some good criticisms of these studies, which I describe here.
See my Special Needs Database.
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