Ever wonder what's happening at night in Surabaya

Here's where to find out about the nightlife in Indonesia's second largest city.


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Important note from the management

This page is a list of possibilities and perils
Please view this as more caveat than endorsement

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  • Dangers(Still more to come)
  • (Anggun from Indonesia)
    Anggun is a thoughtful,and internationally-accomplished songstress originally from Indonesia.



    A plethora of bars, nightclubs and discos await the visitor

    A potpourri of diversions and distractions are available

    "If you don't keep your s--- wired tight at all time I guaran G--D--- tee you a trip home in a body bag."
    Sgt. Barnes in Oliver Stone's Platoon

    You can go to the movies. There are a lot of theaters in Surabaya. The better ones, read that cleaner and safer, are the Mitra 21 chain. The best is now at PTC(Pakuwan Trade Center), part of the aptly named SuperMal(no that's not a typo), next the Galaxy Mall,then on to the Tunjunang Plaza. Lastly it's a tie between Jalan Pemuda is the Empire Theater at Nampermai Mall on Mayjen Sungkono.

    For more active entertainment Surabaya is home to many nightclubs, disco, pubs and Karaoke bars.

    Most of the bars have live bands. The music is okay. The musicians are good, as are the singers. Rock on.
    The volume is the biggest concern.
    The range can only be described as serious ear bleed.
    Other venues for ear bleed noise levels are shopping malls, especially the Surabaya (formally Delta) Plaza on Jalan Pemuda.


    Colors on Jalan Sumatra The food's good, and beer is cheap and it's cold. The band is usually a bit loud and the service is good.

    Lido's is on Mayjen Sungkono, across from the new Vida Supermarket and next to the Kodak photo studio. The music is good and the food is quite good.
    UPDATE 30/03/2006
    We were back a month ago and the food is as good as ever.
    This is a great place for good,inexpensive food.

    The Tavern in the Hyatt Good food, usually a decent band.
    A lot of unattached ladies.

    The bar at the Elmi Hotel Bring a jacket or sweater. It's quite cool due to an over-active AC.
    The Elmi also has one of the nicer swimming pools in Surabaya.


    Discos and Nightclubs

    (Truthfully, I don't know the difference)

    Vertical Six Vertical Six in the Mariott(formally the Westin) Hotel.
    It's a bit pricey with a Rp 50,000 cover charge, but the band and the young crowd made for a good night out.

    Hugo's Club in the Sheraton(easily accessible from Tunjunang Plaza)

    Desperados in the Shangri-La Hotel

    Terminal One in Pasar Atom

    Kowloon'sOn the fourth floor,in the parking garage of the Delta Plaza



    The Rocks

    Jln.HR Muhammad
    Open everyday 1:00pm
    A good selection of Western and Indonesian food in a very modern and comfortable setting
    Good beer
    Beer, andMixed drinks
    A fish pond with the biggest catfish you'll ever see
    Seating indoors and outdoors
    Served hot at affordable prices


    Jl Darmo Permai Selatan V/16 (031)7312709 Chinese and Seafood

    Food Court 5th floor Tunjunang Plaza A variety of Indonesian and Western fast food.

    Studio Food Court Near Cinema in PTC/Supermal. A variety of Indonesian and Western fast food.

    Indigo in the Majapahit Hotel

    Fajar in Tunjunang Plaza

    Pizza Hut in Tunjunang Plaza, Galaxy Mall,PTC,right on Maygen Sungkono

    Wendy's in Galaxy Mall

    McDonalds in Tunjunang Plaza, Galaxy Mall,right on Mayjen Sungkono, and at Delta Plaza

    KFC in Tunjunang Plaza,Galaxy Mall, and Delta Plaza

    Subway in Tunjunang Plaza

    Cafe Pisanear Hartono Electric, just after Papaya supermarket on the way to Supermal/PTC

    Excelso's (Coffee bar and cafe) Serves decent snack food, including club sandwiches. They have great coffee, and darn good ice-cream.
    Try the Pearl tea!
    Beer is reasonably priced and cold. Located in PTC(the Supermal)Tunjunang Plaza, Galaxy Mall, and Delta Plaza.

    Guilin Restaurant
    Serving Authentic Chinese and Sea Food
    One of the nicer restaurants in Surabaya. A quiet, pleasant place with a nice range of well-prepared Chinese and Seafood dishes.
    Located on Jl. Musi. (next to Gelora Pancasila)

    To the best of our knowledge there are no vampires in Indonesia. Return to this page for further updates.


    I like this place. Just use your head.





     ... things that make you go






    STOP !


    Before YOU read any further Accept that sections of this one page are not a flattering, nor a complete, portrayal of Surabaya.

    It does not,nor is it meant to,reflect the entirety of Indonesian society.
    I have lived here for four years because I love this place and it's people. Indonesians are generous,warm and intelligent people.

    Any society has it's dark side. This page represents a hint of that duality.


    Proceed carefully.





    Aside from legal hassles there are scores of social taboos that we as foreigners couldn't begin to comprehend.
    You will always be viewed as an outsider.
    You will always be judged by a different standard.
    You are living in a fish bowl. Accept it and act accordingly.


    Meta-amphetamines are quite common here. There's nothing quite so special as a drugged-out dancer 'tripping' next to you, unless it's a group rocking back and forth, and sitting way too close for comfort.

    If you partake, be warned ... the minimum sentence is four years.

    Now listen closely Sparky; this is a foreign country.
    If you go to jail, don't expect your family lawyer, your mommy or the A-Team to come riding to your rescue. Screw around here, and you might get screwed. Take this warning as figuratively or literally as you wish.

    Many of the clubs are pick-up joints. You can go scouting for your personal kicks.


    LISTEN ... Not every Indonesian woman is overwhelmed by the wonder of you.
    Keep your hands to yourself!
    If Asian women think every foreign male is an ass...
    it's because so many guys think it's okay to annoy,grab and otherwise piss off any woman in their sight-line.
    My wife and I stopped going out because I couldn't even go to the bathroom without some jerk making a move on Emily.
    She can handle herself pretty well,
    but why should she have to?

    Other friends with Asian wives or girlfriends have made similar comments.
    There's always some jackass trying to paw your wife or girlfriend just because he thinks he can get away with it.
    Unfortunately I saw a lot of this behaviour from Western males while in South Korea.
    Grow up!

    Recently I received an email ... Someone was complaining about the content.
    I'd best straighten something out for our readers
    ... Dear Reader
    Nightlife is mostly observation and second hand knowledge
    Nightlife is not saying every Asian woman wants to be your playmate(see above)
    Nightlife is not saying that this is a dark dirty place, or that it's paradise on earth.
    Take your pick.

    Surabaya has a network of brothels catering to the highbrow and the lowbrow appetite, as well as the high and the low budget.
    Special services abound.
    As do STDs.

    Be Aware, be safe.



    Taxi prices just doubled. Taxi drivers all over the world have always tried to milk passengers for more money.
    Be warned ... if you take a taxi to these areas alone,
    you're asking for trouble.
    Bluebird Taxi,Oreng Taxi and Silver taxi are your best choices.



    Remember that AIDS loves you whomever you are.







    The movie script
    After some some deliberations and some deep soul-searching I have decided …What the heck!
    Here’s a link to the movie script.
    This is fiction. Although the underlying themes and feelings are based on real events this story,these characters, do not represent Indonesian society, Indonesian women,men or the strict chronological order of events.
    In some aspects the story came out of my experiences in South Korea which predated my time in Indonesia.
    Anyway,read it.
    Enjoy it.
    Comment on it.
    Let’s get a deal and produce it.



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