Know what's happening around you.
Indonesia in general, and Surabaya in particular, are safe.
As in any foreign country, and any large city be aware.
There are dangers, there is crime.
Don't get involved in crime here, and don't get involved in drugs.
You'll pay a very heavy price if you do.

After the bombing in Bali

Danger lives with us everyday now.
This is not hysteria or melodrama,just fact.
Since the bombs exploded in Bali we have gone from bystanders and casual observers to something more akin to shocked,angry and more aware participants.
We have a stake in the life here.
For myself,as for many,my family is here.
My wife is Indonesian-Chinese.
We have passed through the holidays without major incident. hopefully that will become the norm.
Unfortunately the New Year has arrived with news of 30 to 40% increases in food,gasoline,telephone service, and electrical service.
This sharp rise wil only lead to more unrest.

There are many wonderful things to experience in Indonesia, and a few things you don't want to experience.
Pay attention.
Be willing to listen to good advice, disregard the idiots and be careful out there.
Enjoy yourself.

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Living in Indonesia:

During the crisis?

After the crisis
Optimised, but keeping the training wheels.



From the Lonely Planet

From the Lonely Planets' travel guide, pg 315

Dangers & Annoyances

"The main worry in Surabaya is the traffic. In most large Javanese cities it is hard to cross the street but is almost impossible on Surabaya's big, four-lane roads, which have constant traffic and few traffic lights or pedestrian bridges. The only way to cross the streets is to wait for the traffic to subside (it never stops), head out into the road and motion with one hand for the traffic to stop. Cross yourself in prayer with the other hand."

There are people who want to sell you things.
They are offering to show you where to buy Batik (beautifully detailed, richly coloured fabric) jewellery, watches and possibly toilet articles from the President's home.
Just say NO!
They will be insistent. You will walk away.
Don't stop - WALK. When you deal with these people, they will take you all over the city at your cost, and then they will insist that you buy something for a totally inflated price.

Don't carry a lot of money on you.
Don't carry your passport. Don't count money outside.
Don't wander alone. Stay with a group unless you know where you're going.

This isn't a particularly dangerous city, but it is a large city ... with all the inherent dangers of any large city.
It's also a large city YOU DON'T KNOW.

Don't be a yutz ... use your head.



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