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Toryumon VamonosAmigos #58 9/10/03
Toryumon X Debut Show

This was Toryumon X's first full show that aired in Japan. Toryumon X is made up entirely of small wrestlers (smaller than even your average Toryumon wrestler) who would normally not get much of a chance in the pro wrestling world full of muscle-bound lunk heads. What T2P did for technical wrestling, Toryumon X is supposed to do for high flying...or so I thought.

First off, let's run down the new wrestlers and gimmicks found on the debut show.

Naoki Tanisaki - a surfer gimmick complete with old Genki Horiguchi hairstyle. An obvious copy of Horiguchi's early character, but thankfully not a "mini" version of Genki himself. Tanisaki seemed very capable in the ring and I suspect he's going to be one of the better wrestlers to come out of the X group.

Los Salseros Japonaises - the heel mariacha/salsa band! Complete with guitar smashing and dayglow salsa outfits. I thought these guys would just be comedy wrestlers but they actually turned out to be the most entertaining out of the entire X roster. Kenichi (Pineapple) Hanai reminds me of Shuji Kondo in body style and ring presence. Mango Fukuda appears to be the leader, as he's the big dude and the most charismatic. Takeshi Minamono is, to me, the most entertaining and impressive wrestler out of the Toryumon X group.

Koichiro Arai - The first of many "minis," this one of Kennichiro Arai. His match teaming with Arai was entertaining though I'm not sure how he'd fair on his own.

Murcielago - One member of the "Los Carros Exoticos." The worst gimmick in all of Toryumon. He, Berlinetta Boxer, and Lambo Miura are...cars. Ok? Murcielago seemed like a promising wrestler, but he's buried underneath a completely dead end gimmick. Berlinetta Boxer should be selling newspapers at a sidewalk stand, not wrestling.

Shu and Kei Sato - Twins, and part of the Sailor Boys. 2/3 of the Japanese 3-count. Another terrible gimmick burdening two very talented wrestlers. These two appeared to be the most innovative high fliers of the bunch and I definitely look forward to seeing more of them.

Taiji Ishimori - The "ace" of Toryumon X. He's not a bad wrestler, but he's very limited in his high flying arsenal. Seems like someone you'd get tired of very quickly. He's the other third of the Sailor Boys. Hopefully I'm wrong about this guy.

Mini Crazy Max - Probably the most annoying group in Toryumon X. Though these guys definitely have their Crazy Max impressions down (minus Small Dandy Fuji), the gimmick is going nowhere, especially if Toryumon ever plans to integrate the Toryumon X wrestlers into normal shows. All these mini gimmicks seem like more of an attempt to get a cheap laugh than to put on good matches. TARUcito wasn't a hit, I don't see why any of the other minis would be on a permanent basis, either. If Toryumon X integrates, let's hope these guys drop their rip off mini gimmicks and just use their own talents.

Manabu Murakami - Finally, what the world's always wanted. An insane mixed martial arts style wrestler who wears a thong and does a million versions of the butt-butt. Murakami, despite showing off his snow-white ass cheeks, shows a lot of talent. Very creative and quick. But then again, it's hard to take anyone seriously when the only thing they're wearing is a string stuck up their ass.

Best Match: Taiji Ishimori/Shu Sato/Kei Sato/Manabu Murakami vs. Mini Crazy Max + SUWA. Fun match, but like I said with Mini Crazy Max, these guys don't need to be saddled with a hand-me-down gimmick to get over. Their skills are enough.

Runner Up: Mango Fukuda/Takeshi Minamono vs. Berlinetta Boxer/Murcielago. The only reason this didn't get Best Match is because Boxer is in it and he's a complete waste of space. The parts without him were great, though.

Worst Match: Taiji Ishimori vs. Fuerza Guerrera. A match from Mexico where Taiji won the UWA Welterweight Title, one of Toryumon's countless singles titles. Just a pretty boring Mexican style match.

Overall Tape Rating: 3/5
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