UWFi “Pro Wrestling World Tournament”
UWFi “Double Takada”
UWFi “Moving On - Debut Show”
BattlArts on Samurai TV 9/5/01 “BATTLE MANIA”
BattlArts on Samurai TV 10/13/99
BattlArts on Samurai TV 6/13/99
BattlArts on Samurai TV 4/29/98
BattlArts “Five Years Later”
BattlArts “Let’s Moretsu!”
BattlArts “Never Die”
BattlArts “The B Files”
World Japan
World Japan 7/20/03 PPV
WMF Debut Show 8/28/02
Michinoku Pro
Michinoku Pro 8/12/01-8/18/01
Michinoku Pro Get Crazy 2002
Michinoku Pro vs. T2P 9/8/01-10/8/01
Michinoku Pro Live Special 1997
Michinoku Pro: These Days
DDT 6/18/03
ECW vs. FMW vs. ZEN 1998
FMW: Blood, Bombs, & Barbedwire
Big Japan
History of Big Japan Vol. 1
History of Big Japan Vol. 2
History of Big Japan Vol. 3
History of Big Japan Vol. 4
CZW vs. BJW Vol. 1
Super J Cup ’94
Super J Cup ’95
Super J Cup 2000
Differ Cup Scramble Tag Tournament 2003
Best Of
Best of Yoshihiro Takayama
Best of Tiger Mask
Best of Curry Man
Best of Chris Benoit in Japan
Best of Ultimo Dragon
Best of Minoru Tanaka
Best of Lance Storm
Best of Bruiser Brody
Best of Cactus Jack
Best of Chris Benoit in Mexico
Best of the British Bulldogs in Japan
Best of Psicosis in Mexico
Best of Dean Malenko
Best of Dynamite Kid
All Japan Women Dream Slam I
All Japan Women Dream Slam II
Shoot Fighting
Pride 21
UFC 7 - The Brawl in Buffalo
UFC 13
UFC 14 - Showdown
UFC 15 - Collision Course
UFC 17 - Redemption
UFC 19 - Young Guns
UFC Ultimate Ultimate
UFC Ultimate Japan
UFC Ultimate Brazil
UFC 22
All Japan and New Japan TV 1995
East vs. West Indy Super Show 1/25/03
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