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This section of the website includes anything that might be able to help out anyone who is interested in designing their own Dragon Strike adventures and game expansions as well as other things such as software programs that might be helpful in making your own Dragon Strike creations.

Printable Blank Adventure Maps: These blank adventure maps can be printed out and filled in to create your own map book for custom made Dragon Strike adventures. You'll need a program that can adjust the printing size of an image if you want to size them to fit one sheet of paper properly. I use Paintshop Pro 4 for this. You can download the shareware version of the software from here. Once you open one of the maps in the program, you want to select "File", then "Page Setup". Once the Page Setup menu is open, you want to check the option boxes that say "Maintain aspect ratio", "Use full page", and "Center on page". I prefer to use Landscape over Portrait orientation because it fills up a bit more of the page, but either will work fine, so select whichever you like and then click on "OK". You are now ready to print.

All files are zipped. You'll need a program such as Winzip to unzip them.

Paintshop Pro 4

Castle Map

City Map

Cavern Map

Valley Map


Other Useful Tools & Information:

City map locations key - A handy reference for making your own adventures in the City.

Replacement Hero Card Images - Lose your hero cards? Print these out and you're back in business.


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