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This is not a hate site. We are anti-fraud activists. We disseminate information about the exploitation of Native American Spirituality individuals who falsely represent themselves as spiritual leaders. All over the country, legitimate Native American cultural and spiritual leaders have been compelled to speak out against the desecration of ceremonial ways. We think you should listen to them.

Because we believe that the most fundamental right of any people, is the right to protect and preserve their spiritual practices from exploitation, we have compiled this list of those who commit unlawful acts of fraud and misrepresentation. Their arrogance and lack of respect for our elders has forced us to take a stand against the desecration of our spiritual ways. We will not be passive spectators to the destruction and erosion of our culture and our spiritual beliefs. We will resist the corruption and distortion of our spirituality by asserting our first amendment rights to protest and to boycott!

We are not doing this for profit. We are not doing this for ourselves. We are taking action so that our children and future generations will survive as Native people of strong spirit. Our spirituality has always been our strength and our identity. We continue to resist all attempts to assimilate and eradicate us by the Left, by the Pagans and by the New Age.

We ask for your support and your respect.
DO NOT attempt to buy spirituality!

The pages that follow have been put together to give you access to the Native American perspective on the New Age, so that you can decide whether to join the boycott and spread this information among your communities.

If you have Spiritual Integrity,

Do Not....

Do Not go to Non-Indian run Pow Wows

Do Not buy Indian items from Non-Indian vendors

Do Not buy jewelry from the Orient that markets itself as Indian

Do Not Pay to pray

Do Not buy AIM memberships -
there is no such thing, it is a matter of commitment, not money!

Do Not agree with racism of any kind! White people who claim to be Indian based on two or three drops of "Indian blood" do so out of racism and ignorance. Native people must be the only authority on who is "Indian" and who isn't. The colonizers ideas about blood quantum are racist! Don't buy into them! A person is "Indian" if an ONLY if they are recognized by a legitimate Native American community! Donít be careless! Donít be cowardly! Take some time and look into those selling spirituality. Have the courage to expose those who are frauds and support others who try to do likewise!
They survival of indigenous people depends on it!

Do Not mix religions; it is a conflict, you can't do both!

Do Not pay for Sweats, Sundances, and Vision Quests or any other ceremonies. These items are not for sale. Do not contribute to anyone who can't prove a legitimate tribal connection and a legitimate entitlement to conduct ceremonies.

"A web of cultural theft and deceit currently stretches from South Dakota to California, Colorado, Florida, Montana, West Coast to the East Coast, North to South and into Europe.

There are individuals who are shepherding the gullible, the naive, who charge their flock large fees for their services. In reality it is just another wave of Manifest Destiny. Whisper "assimilation" and see genocide. .

Our spirituality does not come through reading a book, going to a workshop or making it up. It is a gift from the creator meant only for those who have spent a lifetime learning and handing it down from generation to generation. With it comes responsibility. Medicine people guide only and never do they claim the medicine way. They are humble and understand that they, too, are learning. How ironic it is that we of Native America were tortured and slaughtered for our beliefs by the ancestors of those of European descent who now seek to take our spirituality. Also, there are those of Indian blood who are exploiting our sacred ways. We protect our spirituality as a mother does her child. This is how we have survived. Those of you who pretend to walk the path of the medicine way, tread lightly."

- A.I.M. Southern California

Tolerant people DO NOT
use their white power and privillege
to silence Native Americans!

Native American Spirituality is

It's important for everyone to stand up and say no to the exploitation of Native American Spirituality

If you know any individuals who are selling ceremonies
or abusing our ceremonies in any way,
please email us immediately at:

Note: If you are on the list or if you are making excuses for someone on the list, DO NOT sent us irrational threatening e-mail. We strongly advise you to acquaint yourself with the first amendment and consult a competent attorney. All threatening e-mail messages will be reported promptly to the proper authorities. All e-mail sent to us becomes our sole property. We reserve the right to forward it to anyone who may have a legitimate legal or educational interest in it and/or to post it to various anti-fraud newsgroups.

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Come and visit us again, as changes are made quite often,
Chi' Miigwetch!

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